Interview by Ryan Fudger and Fat Tony

Name: Nigel Sylvester
Age: 18
Hometown: Queens, New York

Sponsors: Animal, Base Brooklyn, Vans, Mirraco

Feel meeeeeeee!  credit: Fat Tony

How was it hanging out with Dave Mirra in his hometown of Greenville, North Carolina while filming for Ride’s upcoming video, Flipside?
Mirra is a cool dude. We went golfing, he made us breakfast — he made us these signature Mirra egg and cheese sandwiches. (Laughs.) Riding his warehouse with everyone else was pretty good. It was my first time riding a foam pit; that was pretty good. Jumped the hip a few times … I tried to learn backflips but I couldn’t. I couldn’t go all the way back, so I was kinda bummed but it’s all good. They have some good street down here too. Just talking and hanging out with Mirra was pretty wild itself.

You said you are addicted to buying jeans, tell us about that?
Well, whenever I get money I know I’m gonna buy jeans. (Laughs.) Then I ride in them and they end up getting ripped in a week and I’m upset again. Then I have to buy more jeans.
And what’s the brand of choice?
Seven. I don’t know, I don’t really like any other jeans. I’m addicted to Seven jeans.
How many pairs do you think you are running right now?
Uh … Like twelve or thirteen pairs right now. (Laughs.)

Who have you been living with and riding with back home in New York?
I still live with my parents but I’m over at “The Snoff Shack” every day. That’s where Vinnie Samon, Edwin DeLaRosa, Bob Scerbo, Tyrone Williams and Jerry (AKA: The Baby) live at. That’s where I am at every day — riding, chillin’. All the snoffers come through.

We know you are filming for the Flipside video right now, are you filming for anything else?
I’m also filming for the Skavenger video right now. That’s coming along good — kind of slow, but still filming. It is definitely coming out soon — we don’t know when, but definitely soon. Check the commercial out on YouTube.

Tell us about the girl you met in the airport on the way out here.
(Laughs.) Ah, the girl from Finland in the airport! Well, I was supposed to get on a flight at JFK at 5 but I missed it so I had to wait ’till the next flight, which was at 6. But they delayed that ’till 7 and that got delayed ’till 9 … that got delayed to 10, and that got delayed to 11. So I finally got on the plane at 11. So for like five or six hours I was in the airport and I met this girl from Finland. I don’t know how to pronounce her name, I don’t know how to spell it — it was kind of crazy. But she remembered my name, so it was all good. She had a nice butt though, so that was cool. She didn’t speak too much English, but … (Laughs.)

How do the spots in LA compare to New York?
Well, last time I was out here I rode some pretty good spots. I’m hoping to ride some better ones though. Hopefully Glenn isn’t too stingy with the spots because I got some plans …

Didn’t some wild stuff go down last time you were out here?
Oh yea, me and Glenn were at this spot in downtown LA late one night and two dudes were spray painting on a wall and Glenn got hit in the head with a bottle! (Laughs.) One of the dudes wilded out and threw the bottle behind him and it just happened to hit Glenn in the head — I don’t know how. Getting out of there was a pretty wild scene.

And finally, tell us about your new sponsorship with Mirraco.
Basically Glenn Milligan mentioned it to me a while back, but it was all up in the air. Then when I went doown to Greenville, North Carolina for the Flipside trip Dave explained everything to me — he was looking for a street rider to add to the team. It was something I couldn’t really refuse but I went back to NY and had time to think about it. Then Dave called me and I told him I wanted to do it. Right now I’m overwhelmed and excited. I’m riding for Dave Mirra — that’s kind of crazy. He’s a big name in BMX ya know, I grew up watching him ride in the X Games and stuff. I want to say thanks to Dave and Jim Ford over at Mirraco for giving me the chance to do what I do, feeeeeeeel meeeeeeee!