Name: Justin Miller
Age: 20
Hometown: Saginaw, MI

Sponsors: Adidas Shoes, Profile,, and KHE Bikes

Justin jumping from one position into another at a colorful roadside stop in Louisiana.  credit: Fat Tony

You have a signature frame from KHE that just came out, can you tell us a little bit about that?
I had a lot to do with the input of the frame. I came up with the design and the dimensions. KHE knew the tubing sizes and did all the CAD drawings. I designed it in October (2005) and I had the prototypes in May (2006).

My frame the, “Militant, is a limited edition signature model so they are only going to make 50 of them. I know will carry them in the US and I’m sure some mail order companies and bike shops in Europe and Asia will have them too. I have nothing to do with the distribution of them though — I just ride it! (Laughs.)

You have been traveling quite a bit and winning a lot of contests lately. Can you give us a run-down of what you’ve been up to and what you have planned?
Yeah, lately I’ve won quite a few contests. I practice 6 hours a day because I want to do good, and I want to win too. In May I won Voodoo Jam (in New Orleans, Louisiana). And I won the last three contests I went to, which was the Masters (in Germany), NASS (in the UK), and Battle at the Beach (in South Carolina). I don’t get paid to ride, so if I don’t do well at contests I can’t pay the bills.

In the next couple of months I’m going to Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Also next week I’m going to Moscow for a contest that I was invited to. I love to travel and would go anywhere in the world. I love every country and every culture.

You’ve been called the “ATM” (Automated Trick Machine) and it is no secret that you are a true athlete when it comes to flatland. What do you do to get your tricks and runs so dialed?
I practice my combo’s for months and I do them all five times in a row each day. If I screw up on the fourth one, I start over. It’s hard to do, but if you want to be dialed it is a must. Some people talk crap about me for doing some of the same runs, but it is so hard to get new things dialed when I’m traveling to a different country each week.

Your wife rides flatland as well, how does that work out?
I love that she rides. It’s really cool because she understands that I need to ride everyday. If she didn’t understand, I couldn’t be with her. We can spend time in the parking lot together and she doesn’t feel like I’m not spending time with her.

Justin’s wife, Cris, getting into a tight megaspin on her 16″ bike without pedals. The bike is so small that pedals simply get in the way while she is riding.  credit: Fat Tony

What is your ideal riding spot and session?
I really like riding on granite or marble. There are certain places in the world that I particularly enjoy; Cologne, Brussels, and Singapore, to name a few. I don’t really have an ideal session though — as long as I do my contest combos I’m happy.

Flatland is much bigger in other parts of the world than in the US. Which country or region do you think has the best flatland scene?
I think Japan probably has the best scene. There are a lot of riders that really tear it up. It’s just a good vibe when you are there for a contest. It’s really hard to explain if you haven’t experienced it though.

Europe is really good for flatland too. There are more contests there than anywhere in the world. It’s a good place to go if you want to go to a lot of countries and hit up a lot of contests.

Which trick took you the longest to learn?
I guess kickflips took me a really long time to learn back in the day. It was just so hard to jump and kick at the same time. There were a lot of things that took me months to learn and years to dial.

It is moves like this along with a nearly flawless contest season that put Justin on top this year.

Photo by Fat Tony.  credit: Fat Tony

If you could ride at one spot with one person for a day, where would it be and who with?
I would like to ride with Terry Adams because he’s one of my best friends. I really enjoy hanging out with him and riding too. It doesn’t matter to me where we would ride as long as it is flat — that’s all that matters.

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