Name: Ellison George Platt
Age: 22
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Currently residing in: My mom’s basement

Eli Platt  credit: Jeff Zielinski

Sponsors: Sunday, Micreation, Lotek, and the guys at Animal have been awesome in helping me out.

What is one book that you would encourage everyone to read?
“Ishmael,” by Daniel Quinn. Valuable for both its message and introduction to a more objective perspective of things.

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to ride?
It would probably be a toss up between Portland, Montreal, or New York. All are amazing places with awesome vibes that I have been to with the best people. All the best places I’ve ever been were on my bike, so outside of riding my favorite place would probably be Maynard’s front porch (RIP).

Working at a bike shop and riding as much as you do, do you ever get burnt out on BMX or riding?Actually, the bike shop I work at sells nothing pertaining to BMX. It kind of sucks, but they just don’t see BMX as profitable. I only work a few hours there now, largely because of that narrow-minded mentality. I do get burned out, but only because I have been riding the same stuff for so long. School has kept me locked down for the last few years, and furthermore I grew up around here. But now, having just graduated, I am free, and it’s time to party.

What type of companies are you impressed with?I really respect companies that take time to test new ideas before throwing it out on the market. Not only does that show innovation, but commitment to quality and to the sport. That is one reason I am pumped about Sunday. Odyssey seems to do things that way too. I just think there are some examples on the market today of companies trying solely to cash in on fads, and that sucks.

What is your favorite video part of all time?It would have to be either Van Homan’s part in Criminal Mischief or Taj’s part in Forward. I had all but stopped riding when Van’s part came out, and it got me back into it in a big way. Taj’s part just had a great feel to it.

What is your first memory of BMX?Going back to the K-Mart trails in Lancaster, Ohio and thinking all these cool BMXers were going beat me and my friends up because one of us was wearing an “I love my dad trucker hat. It wasn’t me, I swear.

You recently graduated college with a degree in philosophy, what is your philosophy in life?Let the world make your beliefs, not the other way around.

What is it about Ohio that breeds so many good riders?It has to do with something in the dirt, or maybe the water, or maybe even when the dirt and water make mud. For real, I read it in National Geographic once.