Name: Daniel E. Dhers
Age: 21
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Currently Residing: Here, there and beyond.

Sponsors: Haro Bikes, Albe’s, Woodward Camp

Daniel is the proud owner of this trophy that came along with winning the final stop of this year’s Dew Action Sports Tour and the year-end title for the series.  credit: Keith Mulligan

You are relatively new to the US BMX scene and not too many people know a lot about you. Give us some background info on yourself.
Well I’ve been riding for 8 years–it will be 9 in February. I started riding because it was “the cool thing to do around my block but it wasn’t anything “extreme, it was just cruising around, popping wheelies and stuff. One day I started jumping curbs and a few days after a friend got a flatland bike so I brought a freestyle bike and started to hang out with people that rode street so I did a little bit of everything.

BMX in Venezuela is not that big. There’s only 3 parks in the whole country, so coming to the States to ride is definitely a really good experience.

Tricks like this smooth 360 no-hander over the spine seem to be “filler” for Daniel. He rarely hits a ramp without throwing at least a two-trick combo on it.  credit: Keith Mulligan

You just finished off the contest year in a huge way, winning a bronze medal at X Games 12 and taking the year-end title of the Dew Action Sports Tour. After having such a great year and winning lots of cash, what are your plans for the next few months?
Well my plan right now is to go back to Argentina in November for a couple months to visit my family. Then go to Venezuela for another couple of months and then come back here to get ready for the 2007 contest season. I probably won’t ride much when I leave the States since the scene in South America is not that big and there are not many parks. I’ll probably ride more street though. I just bought a new car so I’ll probably try to go to new street spots and different cities so I can keep riding as much as possible.

Daniel may be the only one throwing frontflips over spines these days, andjust like the rest of his tricks, this one was executed and landed flawlessly.  credit: Keith Mulligan

What has it been like living at Woodward for the last few months?
Living there has been awesome. I’ve been there for almost 5 month and all we do is ride. I wake up around 11, go eat at Vinnie’s or Burkholder’s, get back to camp and check the internet, drink a protein milkshake and go ride around 5 or 6. I usually ride until 11pm with Mike Spinner, Steve McCann, Jamie Bestwick, Anthony Napolitan, Andy and everyone else that lives there at the moment. Then I go back to the Barn, eat, take a shower and go sleep around 1 or 2 depending if Anthony is in town. Then I start over the next day.

Your runs and tricks seem to be dialed, do you “train” for contests like the X Games and Dew Tour?
Well, some people might call it “training”, but I always liked to ride hard every day, no tter what. Doing hard tricks is the way I get that adrenaline rush that I like from riding. I try to do the same tricks until they feel less scary just because the adrenaline. There is nothing better than knowing you just survive a trick that could have killed you and finally getting it dialed.

I like contests just for the fact that you are trying to do a dream run–it is a new challenge. I don’t compete against people, I try to compete against myself. That’s why I try to do at least one trick I have never done in a contest or on a real ramp at every contest. That’s what motivates me to keep learning stuff–just the fact that I want to progress.

Daniel started off his final run at the Orlando Dew Tour with this bunnyhop-whip-drop-in into the big quarter.  credit: Keith Mulligan

What has been the craziest thing you’ve encountered while living in the states and what have you missed the most from being away from home?
That’s a hard one… I have encountered so many crazy things here: Amish people, Texas Chainsaw Massacre stuff, the fact that you can go to war at 18 but can’t drink until you are 21…

I miss my family a lot. It’s so hard to be far from home for so long. I also miss the food–my mom makes really good food.

360 double tailwhip over the box with ease. And we can guarantee you this was right after and straight into other big moves. Daniel never lets off the throttle during a contest run.  credit: Keith Mulligan

You wore a full-face helmet at the X Games and have been wearing a half-shell since then. After seeing a few guys get knocked silly at the Orlando Dew Tour, do you have any plans to go back to the full-face?
First I stopped using the full-face because of the weight. I got use to the visibility issues, but not the weight. I had crazy neck pains that lasted for 2 more weeks after I stop using it. I think a full face is the smartest idea since people are going all kinds of crazy stuff. People don’t realize that every time you swing yourself or your bike around that a lot of forces that are and coming and going. If you fall on your head it’s going to be hard. I’ve knocked out teeth before and it is the worst feeling ever. That’s why I start using the mouthpiece. It’s not uncomfortable at all and I’d recommend it to others. I’m still planning to try to get use to the full-face helmet again when the season is over so I don’t have to worry about my neck getting crazy sore just before my run.

Inverted flair in the middle of one of Daniel’s action-packed runs.  credit: Keith Mulligan

Do you have any big tricks you’ve been working on that you haven’t shown this year at contests?
Mmmmmm yeah, I’ve been working on some sort of corkcrew-whip but it comes and goes. I would do 30 one day and stop doing it for a week and then it’s gone. There’s some other stuff like 540 whips and 720 no-handers, but everything is in the early stages so you probably won’t see it too soon from me.

720 over the box. Will you see the hands come off during these next year?  credit: Keith Mulligan

Okay, enough of the serious talk. Give us your best “your mama” joke.
“You suck! But not as good as your momma!”.net/images/bmx/content/images/8-questions/daniel-dhers/D.Dhers.05.jpg”>

720 over the box. Will you see the hands come off during these next year?  credit: Keith Mulligan

Okay, enough of the serious talk. Give us your best “your mama” joke.
“You suck! But not as good as your momma!”