Name: Cory Nastazio
Age: 28
Hometown: Corona, California by way of West Palm Beach Florida

Taken just minutes after Cory became an official S&M team rider.  credit: Fat Tony

Sponsors: S&M, Vans Shoes, Sobe, Spy Eyewear, 661, Protec Helmets

Your new sponsorship with S&M is a big change from your last few frame sponsors. Tell us about your situation with S&M.
Moeller called me up about seven months ago and asked if I still rode BMX. That was kind of a reality check so I started throwing down and learning a bunch of stuff. And finally, after ten years of Moeller patting me on the back and telling me, “good job, he called and asked if I wanted to ride for him, full factory. So we paired up and made it happen. This is the best team in the world to be on.

What’s your injury status at the moment?
I blew out the ACL in my left knee. I had been riding twice a day, ever day at the level where something was bound to break or blow out. It just comes with the business. CTI sponsored me and hooked me up with a custom knee brace that I’ll wear for the X-Games. So I’ll use that and after the contest I have a special doctor here in California that will hook me up to where I’m 100% by December.

How is the injury going to affect your riding at the X-Games?
I’m kind of restricted to what I can do as far as variety. So for the X-Games I’m sticking to fronties, backies and possibly a double backie. One run counts so I’m pretty much gonna try to dodge a bullet and go for it.

What are you going to do in the down time after your surgery?
I’m going to design some signature products with S&M, design some signature gloves with 661, come up with new colorways for my signature sun glasses with Spy and build my “Nasty Ranch, Number 3 out at Woodward West. I have two acres out there and I’ll be building the trails up. Come off-season next year they will be in full effect.

Have you been working out any?
Yea, during the week you’ll find me at the gym for three hours a day going nuts, trying to get fit like a race horse getting ready for the Kentucky Derby.

It sounds like you have big plans for next year, can you tell us about that?
I worked so hard to get to a level or riding where I was out of control but in control at another level. I put a lot of time into that and my fans and the people in the industry haven’t seen that yet. And at the X-Games no one is going to see anything that I’ve worked on due to this injury, but next year you are in for a treat.

Also next year I want to get some sponsors to build a huge ramp — I want to do a triple backflip by the end of the year. If I can get the ramp built, then I want to do the stunt for a network or something.

Who do you enjoy watching ride right now?
This guy T.J. Ellis who is actually taking my place on Perve. And then back home when riders came up to my backyard for early morning sessions there was Hucker, Stephen Murray, Luke Parslow, Fernando, Carter Holland, Mike Lincoln and there was always a special guest in town that would come up too like Anthony Napolitan and Diogo Canina. When we all get together like that for a session it is nuts. It is probably the most intense 7 a.m. session in the world. Talk about runs … there are jumps there that you can do stuff on that is not normal — and that is an everyday thing. I like watching the heavy hitters come to the spot and throw down.

Other than that, out of my own element, Scotty Cranmer … Daniel Dhers was fun to watch at the Kentucky event, and Anthony Napolittan has been fun to watch too.

Any last words?
Riding for S&M is an honor because it is one of the most well-respected companies in the business. Any kid in the world would love to have this opportunity. S&M is like the West Coast Choppers of BMX. It is the best feeling in the world to ride for a bike company that has the best products out there. When I’m doing these big tricks it helps to know that I’ve got a solid product under me.

Check back later in the week to see how Nasty does at the X-Games.