Technology is good and bad.Bad because we sent these questions to Brian a few days ago via e-mail and for some reason he never got them. It is good because Brian was able to type out the answers at the last minute on his phone and e-mail them to us from an airport.

Name: Brian Kachinsky
Age: 24
Hometown: Neenah, Wisconsin
Currently living in: Neenah, Wisconsin (But I spend a lot of time around the Chicago/Milwaukee area.)

Sponsors: DK bicycles, UGP, Etnies, Baco Designs

Does this look like the face of a hockey player to you?  credit: Fat Tony

You have about a month left to film for the Etnies team video and you were just out in LA filming for it, how is that coming along?
Filming for the Etnies video has been awesome! My body might tell you differently, but I’ve been having a great time with the project. It’s coming along pretty good–I have had some back luck with tricks I wanted to get, but that’s life, right? I was just looking over the footage the other day though and its crazy how things pile up. I have gone on a few trips with Stew Johnson and Aaron Ross, mostly down south. I also got the chance to go to Germany as well which was amazing! I was sick and hurt most of the trip, but it still managed to be one of the most fun trips I’ve been on thanks to good friends and the German culture.

Name three videos every rider should own.
– Litte Devil’s Criminal Mischief
– Baco 6
– Props Road Fools 1

It is no secret that you have been known to take a beating on your bike. How do you get mentally prepared to huck yourself towards huge rails and other big obstacles?
It usually comes naturally but it’s not everyday that I feel like charging something big and scary. On days like that I just pop in this really horrible Missy Elliot CD that I have in my car and it gets me so annoyed and mad that I just feel like given’er. If I fall, I just get up and keep on given’er.

A photo from 2005 of Brian getting the big stuff done.  credit: Steve Buddendeck

When was the last time you were scared on your bike?
I was in downtown LA yesterday and a cat jumped out of some bushes, across the sidewalk and over my front tire. The cat must have cleared at least 8 feet. It was amazing but scary at the same time. I was going pretty fast so if the cat would have miscalculated at all it might have been a rough day for him. He was dialed though.

You were just in Vancouver for the Metro Jam, give us a quick story from your trip.
I was at border patrol going into Canada; the border agent asked me why I was going there and I said to ride bikes and play hockey. He looked at me and said sarcastically, “So you play hockey? I said, “yes he was like, “ya…OK…sure you do. Apparently I don’t look like a hockey player. I felt like body checking him right then and there. He’s lucky…

In a world with no BMX, what would your ideal weekend consist of?
Hmm… Friends, skydiving, cliff jumping, African safari, surfing, beverages and probably a good sandwich.

Several of your friends (DeGroot, Freimuth, Cooke) got married recently–any plans to join them in getting hitched?
Haha, I’m in Vegas as I type this…now that you mention it, it sounds like a good idea. I might skip my flight and go find a drive-thru wedding chapel right now!

You are a pretty well-traveled individual, what is your favorite state in the US to ride and what is your favorite place in the world to be on or off your bike?
Wisconsin for riding in the US and New Zealand for traveling the world.