Name: Terry Adams
Location: Hammond, Louisiana
Age: 24
Sponsors: Red Bull, Lotek, Dia-Tech, Raising Cane’s, Ares Bykes

One of eight agonizing days in the hospital, and in the middle of loosing 30lbs.

Sit back and play some video games!
I have an old school Nintendo and love to play Mario and Kung Fu. I also have a Nintendo Wii and I enjoy bowling and golf. My highest score in bowling so far is 225. Red Bull recently sent me a PSP so I am sure I will be getting a lot of use out of that while I am out.

The old school Nintendo is in the guest room along with those weights that can’t get used until he is totally healed.  credit: Fat Tony

Lay down for a good read…
I have never been a huge book-reader, but if I am unable to ride, it’s the perfect thing to do. I have been reading “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. The next book I plan to read is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It’s nice to lay in the bubble bath with a great book while sipping on some Ice tea.

Terry will have a gnarly scar on his stomach now, but at least they didn’t cut into his “Flatland” tattoo.  credit: Fat Tony

Hang with my lady friend…
Riding a BMX bike for so many years everyday can sometimes put a damper on a relationship. After you get hurt or injured it’s a perfect time to give your woman some alone time. Since I had my surgery I have been taking my girlfriend to the movies and out to eat on a regular basis.

Get on computer and dillydally around…
I will be on MySpace and three hours will go by, so it’s a perfect thing to do after a surgery. I download music and stick it on my iPhone. Sometimes I get online to surf around YouTube just to see a monkey fall from a tree. I always check first though.

It’s probably not just MySpace giving Terry a huge grin like that…  credit: Fat Tony

Personal hygiene…
I have been so bored I have found the time to properly clip my toenails, wash my hair, floss my teeth, and even shave my chest. Sometimes after a hard day of riding you can forget about the finer things in life, like cleaning yourself. So while I am recovering you can bet I will be working on my personal hygiene.

Terry will be back whipping his bike around like this in no time. Well, actually about 7 weeks, but who is counting?  credit: Fat Tony