1. Name? Craig Reynolds
2. Age? 28
3. Hometown? Richton Park, Illinois
4. Sponsor? Mongoose Bicycles
5. Co-sponsors? Airwalk, Shift, Oakley, ATI, Mavic, Profile, JNCO, UGP, Cytomax, Clif Bar, Chris King Headsets, Bell Helmets, KMC, SRAM, IRC Tires, Pazzaz, Wellgo
6. What year did you begin racing? 1981
7. What year did you turn pro? 1991
8. When/where was your first amateur win? 15-years-old at South Park.
9. When/where was your first pro win? Blue Springs, Missouri (’94 ABA Gold Cup). I beat some fast dudes that day.
10. Biggest strength? I get down the first straight pretty well. I’m pretty efficient on the jumps too.
11. Worst weakness? My brain. I beat myself more than anyone beats me.
12. What’s your favorite track? South Park in Pittsburgh.
13. Favorite trails? Butter Trails and Monee.
14. Favorite race each year? Pittsburgh. They need to hold the Grands there as well as a regular national. Put a roof over it and hold the Christmas Classic there, too.
15. Biggest amateur rival? Barry McManus. We always raced hard against each other. He’s the best.
16. Favorite person to race against? Matt Hadan. He’s a clean rider. He’ll bump you, but won’t crash you.
17. Favorite dirt jumper? Fuzzy or (Jerry) Bagley. They both have smooth, old-school style.
18. Favorite freestyle rider? Jay Miron and Dave Mirra.
19. Favorite band? Bad Brains
20. Best concert you’ve been to? De La Soul
21. Favorite video game? Grand Turismo, Final Fantasy 7 and 8, or NCAA Football 2000¿that’s the jock in me.
22. How many hours each day do you play video games? Two
23. Number of days you go to the gym each week? Three
24. Maximum bench press? Shoot, those benches are pretty light.
25. What kind of car do you drive? 1996 Honda Civic EX
26. What kind of car do you want to drive? Lotus Esprit, any year, any color.
27. Favorite food? Cookies
28. Best thing you can cook? Filets on the grill. I’m a grilling fool.
29. Who’s a better cook, you or your wife? Tisha. She makes these cookies that I can’t get enough of.
30. Best movie of all time? The Star Wars Trilogy¿you can’t pick one.
31. Favorite actor? Nicholas Cage
32. Favorite actress? Meg Ryan
33. Favorite TV show? Law & Order
34. Favorite cartoon? Batman
35. Favorite sport to watch? NASCAR
36. Favorite sport to play? Racing my BMX bike¿it doesn’t get any better than that.
37. Favorite pro athlete? I respect every pro athlete.
38. Who is your biggest inspiration? My wife Tisha. I’m a better person because of her.
39. Best advice you’ve ever received? “If you want to be good you have to train and practice,” my Pops told me that.
40. Best advice you’ve ever given? Have fun. If you aren’t having fun, then it isn’t worth doing.
41. Favorite airport? Chicago O’Hare
42. Dream vacation? It would include the Concord, some good restaurants, my massage therapist Tisha, and a lot of money.
43. Name one person you’d like to beat up? I’m a lover not a fighter.
44. Who do you want to thank? Tisha, Mom and Dad, Rose and Ricky Martin, Don Palermini, Larry Pizzi, Eric Rupe, Greg Blake, Tim Dinger, Billy Johnson, Kevin Martin, “The Diesel” Matt Hadan, and everyone that has supported me this season.