The 2019 Toyota BMX Triple Challenge in Anaheim kicked off with 40 riders in qualifying on Friday with 15 making the cut for the Finals on Saturday, and then from there 8 more carried over to the Super Final. When it was all said and done, local hero Pat Casey rode away with the win, followed by Andy Buckworth in second, and last year’s overall champ, David Godziek in third. If Anaheim is any indication for how the rest of the year is going to look for the Triple Challenge, we’ve got a lot of awesome riding in store. Here’s the top 8 finishers and some photos to hold you over until the video drops soon…

(L-R) Andy Buckworth (2nd), Pat Casy (1st), David Godziek (3rd). Jaie Toohey (Best Trick).

Best Trick: Jaie Toohey

1. Pat Casey
2. Andy Buckworth
3. David Godziek
4. Brock Horneman
5. Andres Pardo
6. Jude Jones
7. Leandro Moreira
8. Jaie Toohey