2014 Toronto Jam Finals Highlights

Here’s highlights from this year’s Toronto Jam that took place on Sunday, March 2nd. Yet again, Drew Bezanson continues his contest win streak doing the atypical at a park contest. Check everything that went down in finals and the full results below.

Film/edit: Justen Soule

1- Drew Bezanson
2- Mike Varga
3- Nick Bruce
4- Nick DiGeroloma
5- Steven Moxley
6- Rob Armour
7- Ben Eylander
8- Mike Fede
9- Gabe Truax
10- Brian Fox
11- Glenn Salyers
12- Derek Kenny
13- Zeb Dennis
14- Keith Schmidt
15- Zak Jarvis
16- Joel Bondu
17- Jake Leiva
18- Nathan Lord
19- Eric Favot
20- Brandon Webster