The 2014 Ride BMX NORA Cup #1 Web Video Part nominees are…

Alex Donnachie – 20Twenty/Israel

Alex’s mind blowing technical combos and ability to do just about every trick imaginable was the perfect match for the setup heaven known as Israel. And when coupled with Rich Forne‘s incredible video work, it’s no surprise the end result is a NORA Cup nominee.

Garrett Reynolds – Fiending

While the rest of the BMX world is still absorbing and learning some of what Garrett did in his from-the-future Deadline part, he went ahead and showed everyone that he’s still light years ahead  by dropping even more never been done combos in his Fiending section.

Shawn McIntosh – Primo

No sooner after finishing filming for his #1 Video Part nominated section in Holy Fit, Shawn kept the fire going and went straight to work on his web video for Primo. The dude is showing no signs of slowing down.

Ty Morrow – Fiending

Ty is a straight-up beast. The way he makes his bike go whichever way he wants while taking his tricks to some of the biggest obstacles possible puts him in a league all his own.

Tyler Fernengel – Welcome To Markit

Seeing as how the Markit crew are some of the heaviest hitters in the game, Tyler really had to come out swinging for his welcome to the team video. And this young gun did just that with plenty speed, drops, and that crazy roof-to-rail…