2012 Texas Toast Jam: Street Final Video


Street finals followed the dirt finals at Odyssey’s 2012 Texas Toast Jam and the riding got entirely insane. You know when you throw 16 incredibly unique and creative riders into a space that they’ll do something amazing, and the resulting contest was just that. Chad Kerley proved that he’s not slowing up anytime soon, dropping countless technical combos that left the legendary panel of judges shaking their heads-and giving him the top slot over good friend Dennis Enarson.

Dennis continued his path of domination onto the Toast street course, generally staying at cruising altitude, launching tons of tricks over the Subrosa obstacle to flat, roasting out of the jersey barrier and trying to hit the rafters, and perching himself on top of the highest sub in the building (check that one footed/dog piss pedal pick in the video above for full visual evidence. Insane.) Dennis was definitely the crowd pleaser of the podium as far as big moves went.

Corey Martinez proved why he is one of BMX street’s biggest legends and laced some difficult and technical moves together with his signature steeze. His over luc-e to 180 on the Subrosa loading dock obstacle was flawless, and he capped off his runs with an opposite feeble up rail to 180 whip. While he might not have been entirely pleased with the rollback, it was still way more than enough to stoke out the whole crowd-a well deserved third place finish.

Gary Young did not podium, but deserves a serious mention. Gary charged the street course full speed, capping off his session with a gigantic icepick to fakie on the sub out of the ditch/scoop obstacle. It was far from a perfect setup for this move, but Gary showed why he’s one of the best in the business, taking some slams and eventually sticking the icepick fakie as well as the resulting high speed rollback and fakie out of the ditch onto flat-catch the video above to see the crowd go wild when he landed it. Kerley and Enarson might have gotten podium slots, but Gary undoubtedly took home the move of the street contest when he landed the epic icepick fakie.

Greg Illingworth is also very much worth writing about. The South African sensation has been traveling more in the past year or so and makes a splash at any event he attends. Greg is in tune with the more high speed aspects of riding, and held his own airing out of the jersey barrier against riders like Chase Hawk and Dennis Enarson. Illingworth’s boosted tables and can cans out of the makeshift quarter were definite crowd pleasers and his full speed gap wallride 180 attempt from the Haro scoop to the jersey and into the small quarter got the whole place going, despite not landing the move.

That’s not to say that the rest of the finalists didn’t have awesome stuff going on-press play on the video above, and enjoy seven minutes of street wildness from Texas Toast.