Three weeks of hassling pros and here's where we stand. The top fives for the 2010 Ride BMX NORA Cup, as chosen by the pros themselves, in ramp, street, dirt, flat, race, video, and video part. All the votes have been cast and the winners will be announced September 23rd at The Pearl Theatre inside The Palms. And, for the first time ever, this will be an all ages event. (Full event info is at the bottom.) Many thanks to our sponsors, DC Shoes, Red Bull, The Palms, and wethepeople.

This year's voting came down to the wire in more than a few categories. Top fives were hard to get in dirt and video, and you may notice that more than a few amazing videos are not in the top five (Let's Get Mystical and Surfin' For The Ugly Broads, to name two obvious ones). It's been a good year for BMX DVDs with nearly 40 produced in the last year, and it just goes to show that the state of the DVD is as strong as ever. Also noteworthy is that two categories this yea were tied up until the end…if you think you can pick a clear winner in every category, you'd be wrong. There are guaranteed to be a couple of surprises this year. Without further banter, here are the top five nominees…

#1 Dirt Jumper Nominee - Chris Doyle
#1 Dirt Jumper Nominee - Corey Bohan
#1 Dirt Jumper Nominee - Dennis Enarson
#1 Dirt Jumper Nominee - Mike
#1 Dirt Jumper Nominee - TJ Ellis
#1 Flatlander Nominee - Jesse Puente
#1 Flatlander Nominee - Martti Kuoppa
#1 Flatlander Nominee - Martthias Dandois
#1 Flatlander Nominee - Moto Sasaki
#1 Flatlander Nominee - Terry Adams
#1 Racer Nominee - Josh Meyers
#1 Racer Nominee - Khalen Young
#1 Racer Nominee - Maris Strombergs
#1 Racer Nominee - Sam Willoughby
#1 Ramp Rider Nominee - Chase Hawk
#1 Ramp Rider Nominee - Dennis Enarson
#1 Ramp Rider Nominee - Drew Bezanson
#1 Ramp Rider Nominee - Gary Young
#1 Ramp Rider Nominee - Jamie Bestwick
#1 Street Rider Nominee - Dakota Roche
#1 Street Rider Nominee - Garrett Reynolds
#1 Street Rider Nominee - Nathan Williams
#1 Street Rider Nominee - Rob Wise
#1 Street Rider Nominee - Ty Morrow
Video Of The Year Nominee - Animal, Cuts
Video Of The Year Nominee - Cult, Let 'Em Talk
Video Of The Year Nominee - ESPN, The Birth Of Big Air
Video Of The Year Nominee - Ride BMX, Range Of Motion
Video Of The Year Nominee - United, This Is United
#1 Video Part Nominee - Corey Martinez - United, This Is United
#1 Video Part Nominee - Dakota Roche - Cult, Let 'Em Talk
#1 Video Part Nominee - Dave Thompson - Props, Issue 76
#1 Video Part Nominee - Garrett Reynolds - Props, Issue 75
#1 Video Part Nominee - Nathan Williams - United, This Is United

(*In Alphabetical Order…)

#1 Ramp Rider
Jamie Bestwick
Drew Bezanson
Dennis Enarson
Chase Hawk
Gary Young

#1 Dirt Jumper
Corey Bohan
Mike "Hucker" Clark
Chris Doyle
TJ Ellis
Dennis Enarson

#1 Street Rider
Ty Morrow
Garrett Reynolds
Dakota Roche
Nathan Williams
Rob Wise

#1 Flatlander
Terry Adams
Matthias Dandois
Martti Kuoppa
Jesse Puente
Moto Sasaki

#1 Racer (top four)
Josh Meyers
Maris Strombergs
Sam Willoughby
Khalen Young

Best Video Part
Corey Martinez – This is United
Garrett Reynolds – Props Issue 75
Dakota Roche – Let ‘Em Talk
Dave Thompson – Props Issue 76
Nathan Williams – This Is United

Video of the Year
Cuts (Animal)
Let ‘Em Talk (Cult)
Range of Motion (Ride BMX)
The Birth of Big Air (Dickhouse Productions)
This is United (United)


Wethepeople will be premiering their new video Anytime Now. "It's been six years since the last full wethepeople video, Etc, was released. Even though the BMX world gets web videos everyday, it was really important for us to release a full length DVD to give the skills of our team justice and to keep all the awesome memories in one place." Anytime Now will feature full sections from:
Chester Blacksmith
Andrew Jackson
Mike Brennan
Max Gaertig
Jason Phelan
Maxime Charveron
Sam Lowe
Bruno Hoffmann

Check the trailer…


WHEN: Thursday, September 23, 2010 (2nd night of Interbike.)
– Doors open at 8:00pm, awards show begins at 10:00pm

WHERE: The Pearl Theater (Inside The Palms Hotel)
4321 West Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103

WHO: Anyone and everyone! The show is free, and open to those looking to have a  good time. This year we will have an all-ages section of the show, so all you young’ns don’t have to worry about trying to sneak past hotel security.

A laundry list of notable presenters will hand out awards for our seven categories including the year’s number one dirt rider, flat rider, street rider, ramp rider, racer, video part, and video. Also, the world premiere of the new wethepeople full-length DVD Anytime Now.

HOTEL: We have a special rate with The Palms Hotel, so if you call 1-866-942-7770 you can book a room using “Ride BMX NORA Cup” as your referral and you’ll get your room for just $69 a night. (Plus tax, valid September 20-25)

Make sure to let all your friends know about this. You won’t want to miss it! But if you do miss it, you will be able to watch the entire awards show right here on the day after the party.

Here’s a quick recap video of what went down at the 2009 Ride BMX NORA Cup…

Video by Fat.