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New York, NY – October 29, 2010 – On a beautiful but blustery night in Brooklyn, 36 BMX bikers put street into the spotlight at the Red Bull Trick or Treat contest. Eighteen teams of two hit a creative course that featured Halloween-themed obstacles from coffin grid boxes to a tricked- out hearse, and the winning combination proved to be a mash-up between the big contest strength of Scotty Cranmer and street-wise skills of Augie Simoncini.

Over 1,000 fans braved temperatures in the 40s to in Newton Barge Park to witness some of the best riders in BMX turn street obstacles into their own fun-size playground. With the athletes donning costumes ranging from Dead Presidents to a Wall Street suit to Hulk Hogan, and the obstacles including a "disco" hearse (compete with rails, smoke, flashing lights and a coffin hanging out the back), it was guaranteed to be a spirited night. Top honors went to Simoncini, who helped build the course, and Cranmer who is more widely known for his X Games podium performances than his street skills. Best trick honors went to 17-year-old Bruno Hoffman of Germany, whose 540 off the hearse brought the crowd down and the contest to a close

The riders were in an Empire State of grind, with the beautiful New York City skyline as the backdrop for the team on team battle that had brackets narrow down to a super final with four teams going head to head. Early rounds saw a mix of technical tricks like Corey Martinez's ice pick down the hearse rails, and pure fun, like Pat "Lumpy" Laughlin's 720 off the spine (in a full suit to boot!). In the final jam, bikes were broken, pumpkins were smashed and general BMX mayhem was unleashed. Simonicini helped his team with his superman drop-ins and Cranmer sealed the deal with big tricks like his grind to 180 out the "Reaper Rail Sickle," a flip whip over the spine and ice picks on (and a couple times into) the judges' tower. Second place went to Hoffman and Dakota Roche, and Jared Washington and Mike Brennan rounded out the podium.

The event brought out all types of riders, from local hero Edwin De La Rosa who helped conceive the course, to X Games Gold champion Garrett Reynolds and many street heroes such as Tom White, Nigel Sylvester, Tyrone Williams, Aaron Ross, Sean Sexton, Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams. The team spirit was not lost on Cranmer, "It feels awesome to win, it's definitely outside what I'm used to riding. It's an honor to win with one of my best friends. It's something that I can keep forever."Something else he can keep forever? His new tombstone trophy, certain to be a mantle top conversation piece, and Halloween tale worth repeating.

Red Bull Trick or Treat 2010 Results
1st – Scotty Cranmer and Augie Simoncini
2nd – Bruno Hoffman and Dakota Roche
3rd – Mike Brennan and Jared Washington

Best Trick: Bruno Hoffman, 540 off the hearse

Photo credit: Rob Dolecki/Red Bull Photofiles
Ramp Artwork: Ryan Humphrey