This past weekend Indianapolis, Indiana, was host to the first ever Red Bull Fight With Flight flatland contest. It was held inside an airplane hanger complete with planes, copters, and car. Am riders and nine pros from around the country showed up to battle it out for the top spots in the first big flat comp of the year…

Fight With Flight was the brainchild of local Indianapolis flatland rider Jake Jackson and was pulled off with help Red Bull. Together they put on a good show for the crowd and showed the flatlanders a really good time. A huge thanks goes out to Vincennes University for allowing hundreds of people to invade their hangar for the weekend.

Check out the results below and read the captions in the 30 photos below to get some more info about how the contest went.

The winners: Matt Wilhelm, Terry Adams, Dane Beardsley

Pro Results:
1. Terry Adams
2. Matt Wilhelm
3. Dane Beardsley
4. Justin Miller

(Remaining pros not ranked: Ron Monis, Andy Cooper, Aaron Frost, Jon Dowker, Todd Gully)

Am Results:
1. Isiah Jordan & Brant Huges
2. Andrew Musil & Chad Carpenter

(Remaining ams in finals not ranked: Parsheel Gopal, Avram Moorey, Bryan Huffman, Daniel Burnett)

All photos by Fat.