If you are new to the program I’ll quickly bring you up to speed… Ride BMX's NORA Cup is the Number One Rider Awards and has been a huge part of BMX for more than a decade. Each year the editors at Ride ask all the pro riders from around the world for their top pick of the year’s number one rider. After adding up all the votes we throw the biggest BMX party of the year in Las Vegas during the week of the Interbike trade show and hand out the most prestigious awards in BMX. It seems like every year the party gets bigger, wilder, and simply put, more badass. This year’s NORA Cup is going down on September 24th at the House Of Blues in Vegas. Along with the awards show there will be two world premiere of Fit's new video “Stay Fit”—an all-ages premiere before NORA Cup and one for those old enough to party directly after the awards show.

Think of NORA Cup as the Oscars of BMX, except way cooler. Here’s the crowd from the 2008 party. Absolute insanity! Photo by Fudger.

None of us at Ride can say who we would pick because we wouldn't want to sway votes in any way. However, we can ask you guys who you would vote for or who you want to win. Again, for the actual awards, only the pros’ votes count, so what you write in the comments is just for fun and to show some love for your favorite riders this year. Also, remember that the NORA cup is just for this year (not all-time favorites), so think back from September of 2008 up until now.

Here are the categories we have awards for:
Number One Racer
Number One Flatland Rider
Number One Dirt Rider
Number One Ramp Rider
Number One Street Rider
Number One Video Part
Number One Video

Who would you vote for? Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!

All the official info about this year’s party will be up on the site soon, so keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to make your travel plans!