I had seen pictures and I had heard stories, but I don't think I was fully prepared for what Baco 2008 was going to bring to Mesh Skatepark.

Until Friday night, everything seemed pretty normal for a contest—a few well-known pros, and lots of stoked locals were hanging out and riding the park. As the day went on the beginner, intermediate, and expert riders hit the course to the tune of classic rock hits and Kevin Porter’s announcing. Then Will Blount, the last rider of the expert class, preceded to flow around the park with ease finding lines that no one else in his class had even thought of. After Will was awarded the first place bobble head trophy for his smooth, flowing style things got a little less normal.

Kevin Porter keeping the crowd entertained on the mic.

It was Halloween and by this time the costumes were in full effect and a keg was tapped on top of the sub box turning that corner of the park into a full-fledged party. This is the point where I started to recall all the photos and stories I had heard about previous Baco events and began to see stories of my own unfold right before my eyes. Most of the stand-out moments came from “Florida girls.” Basically girls in the Orlando area girls that hang out with BMXers are frickin’ wild. One chick put a UGP sticker on her crotch and went around showing it off to everyone. Another chick with her ass cheeks hanging out of her costume was all falling all over the place. And as soon as I turned the camera on another group of three girls they were talking about “getting nasty” and then went ahead and did a three-way make out with each other. (Hopefully you’ve already seen the photos of the above mentioned moments…)

Mulville getting jiggy wit the Florida girls.

After an hour or so of “pre-game” at the park the party moved to downtown Orlando. Orlando has an enormous nigh-life scene and the bar district there resembled Mardi Gras in New Orleans. There were thousands of people roaming the streets and cramming into bars. The costumes ranged from funny to shocking to ridiculous. And of course there were the hot Halloween chicks trying to be as slutty as possible on the one day of the year when that sort of thing is encouraged. The crew I was with consisted of Tony Malouf, Jeff Klugiewicz, Josh Eilken, Miles Rogoish, Chad DeGroot, Dave Freimuth, and Brian Kachinsky. We all ended up at a bar with no ceiling and a super-crowded dance floor where things stayed loose for hours. After dancing our asses off in costume (for the record; it sucks dancing in roller skates for two hours) we stood outside a pizza joint for a while where Tony, Jeff, and Miles wrote all over each other with markers. This turned into them writing on random people that walked by including Mr. T’s bald head and a “hot cop’s” boobs. When we got back to the hotel Brian Kachinsky lost the key to the rental van which balled up the next morning for him and cost a nice chunk of cash.

Costume fun.

Saturday over at Mesh people were dragging around all day obviously feeling the effects of a wild Halloween night. But by the time the pro contest started the energy was back up. There wasn’t quite as many big-name pros here this year because of another event going on the same weekend, but this contest was proof that you don’t need X Games or Dew Tour riders to make a bad ass event. There are tons of highlights from the pro contest that you’ll see in our video soon, but here’s a quick list of some of the ones that come to mind right now:
– Trey Jones going really high (smooth and stylish) on everything before going so high he broke out a light.
– Jeff Klugiewicz sessioning the step up as a sub box all night and ending it with an over ice to back over fakie into the quarter, rolling out perfect on the slippery floor his first attempt.
– Drew Bezanson doing a huge tailwhip transfer and doing a truck driver off the sub into the quarter. Both tricks were things he’s done on similar obstacles at the Dew Tour this year, but were still amazing.
– Tony Malouf rolling out of more high-speed fakie tricks than should be possible during any one contest.
– Mark Mulville flowing the course like it is his home park (because it is) and going really high on the hip.
– (Pretty sure this is not how you spell his last name, but it’s what I got from the paper.) Tom Dillareal doing a brakeless manual on top of the wallride.
– Dave Freimuth sessioning four subs back and forth with front and back peg tricks. He pretty much did every variation on a sub you can imagine and more.
– Matt Sparks making everyone’s jaw drop with the most insane bag of tricks of the nigh including but not limited to: a downside handplant about eight feet up the vertical part of the wall, a handplant tailwhip equally as high up on the vert wall, an alleyoop handpnant transfer across a gap that I still can’t explain, and a barspin to tailwhip out of the vert quarter.

Mulville roasting the hip.

After the pro contest was over they did a best trick contest where lots of other really good stuff went down. We will have the clips of most of the bangers, but here’s a quick list:
– Jon Chin did a wallride to flair out of the quarter.
– Joshua James did a 360 fakie transfer from the mini to the hip quarter across the camel hump jump—about a 12ft gap.
– Josh Eilken pedaled his ass off at a quarter, did a 180, then with the help of his freecoaster did a fakie to Ruben on the wallride out of the quarter. Josh also did an alleyoop wallride where he landed fakie on the curved wall and actually rode the curved wall backwards before jumping back into the quarter.
– Matt Sparks won best trick with his downside handplant transfer across a big ass gap. That description doesn’t do the trick justice, so again…wait for the vid.

Once best trick was finished the street side jam went on for a while where Kevin Porter threw out $20 bills to everyone who did an awesome trick. The guys were feeding off each other for about an hour and put on an amazing show. While this was going on, three kegs were tapped and emptied on top of the sub box. After hearing how rowdy things were getting on the other end of the park I left the street jam to check it out. And it’s a good thing I did because that’s where all those photos came from in the photo gallery last night. Dudes were wrestling, chicks were getting stripped almost naked, beer was being spit and poured on everyone…people were having a good time. It was one of those things where you questioned if they would regret it in the morning though. Whatever the case, it was entertaining as hell and yielded some funny ass pictures.

Sub box party.

If anyone read all this, thanks for listening. It’s hard to sit in a hotel that smells like shit and write a recap after such a wild weekend. Hopefullly we will see you in Orlando for the next Baco!

Look at the pictures, and wait for the video!

2008 Baco-A-Go-Go Beginner Results:
1. Alden “Snuggle Bunny” Malans
2. Chance Ward
3. Juan Colon

2008 Baco-A-Go-Go Intermediate Results:
1. Lars Tepaske
2. Joshua Jiannuzzi
3. Travis Wing
4. Jesse Andrus
5. Dylan Kakowski
6. Evan Jeffries
7. Adam Malans
8. Andy Smalley
9. Dave Sorrells
10. Kurtis Rodrigues
11. Zach Crawford (Tie)
11. Jeff Lehman (Tie)
13. Keegan Harkness
14. Mark Emr
15. Casey Santana
16. Ryan Freeburn

2008 Baco-A-Go-Go Expert Results:
1. Will Blount
2. Ronny Medina
3. Brandon Moffett
4. Chris Anderson
5. Richard Price
6. Nick Smarjesse
7. Kyle Noble
8. Broc Raiford
9. Jovanny Benitez
10. Chris Parrott
11. Bryan Lacombe (Tie)
11. Charles Garciz (Tie)
13. Lonnie Parton
14. Morris Crisler
15. Anthony Garcia
16. Michael Bergin
17. Mark Barkawitz

2008 Baco-A-Go-Go Pro Results:
1. Trey Jones
2. Jeff Klugiewicz
3. Drew Bezanson
4. Tony Malouf
5. Mark Mulville
6. Tom Dillareal
7. Dave Freimuth
8. Matt Sparks

2008 Baco-A-Go-Go Best Trick Results:
1. Matt Sparks – Downside handplant transfer.
2. Josh Eilken – Fakie to Ruben wallride out of the quarter.