Chad DeGroot, Ryan Nyquist, Van Homan, and Robbie Miranda celebrate with their cups. (Dave Mirra was in Acapulco filming a show for MTV, so he couldn’t attend the party.)  credit: Jeff Zielinski

The 2004 NORA Cup awards winners were announced in Las Vegas a few weeks ago; if you haven’t heard who won yet, here’s the score:

Number One Ramp Rider: Dave Mirra

Number One Flatlander: Chad DeGroot

Number One Dirt Jumper: Ryan Nyquist

Number One Racer: Robbie Miranda

Number One Street Rider: Van Homan

If you voted for any of these riders, or if you’re just really into any of these guys, TransWorldBMX wants to hear from you. Tell us what you like about them, why you voted for them, and/or why you think they deserve the NORA Cup. Send your comments to [email protected]. Please put “NORA” in the subject line.