By: Kevin McAvoy

Whew! We survived the 2000 2-Hip Bikes Summer Tour, but I only came across a computer once or twice during the trip, so I didn’t get much of a chance to get the (ahem) weekly updates in. So, anyway, here’s how the rest of the trip went.

We finished off a long week of getting loose in New Jersey with a blowout show at Point Pleasant Bikes. In addition to the regular 2-Hip crew of David McDaniel, Ryan O’Connell and Dave Garcia, we were joined by our friends John Reed, Chris Hald, and Chris Duncan! The jumpers kept trying to out do each other, and no one was holding back. Right after the show, David McD packed up his bike and I drove him to New York for his flight home. He was stoked on his first tour, and we were glad that he joined the team. Thanks David!

The next morning, we reluctantly said goodbye to Reed and started heading west. After the PA show, we were rolling through Pittsburgh and we could see Sean Peters from the highway, riding at the stadium! We pulled off and hooked up with Sean and Paul Palmer for a fun night in Pittsburgh, hanging out at a crazy bar that gives you little toys with every beverage. Nice. Then it was off to the Ohio shows, and the ubiquitous Chenga World session. After checking in at my parent’s house for a much-needed van cleaning, some good food and a night in real beds, we rolled on to Wisconsin to meet up with Losey.

We hooked up with Losey and Aaron Behnke at the Torque Center show; Losey shot lots of photos and Sean Parker rolled a hitchhiker out of the show area, out of the lot and across four lanes of traffic! Pulled it clean, too. We checked out the public park in Racine after the show and watched everybody go off, especially Littleman, Parker, Ryan, Brian Vowell, Buddha, and Dave Freimuth. As everyone was leaving, Losey mentioned something about Brian Blyther, Kevin Gutierrez, and Ruben Castillo doing fair shows in Madison, so we broke out and spent a couple days with them at the fair. Littleman was stoked to finally ride some vert in between their shows, and we got some interesting footage for the new Dirty Boys video.

Once the fair was over, we headed for Area 51 in Appleton, sessioned, then left to seek out the Green Acres park. We found that the park is actually closed now, but they were cool enough to let us session since we had come so far. Ryan, Dave, Parker and a couple of the locals busted out, then Tom Haugen showed up. Tom is one of the most dialed riders I have ever seen. He was knocking out 360 whips nosedived into the spine, nosepicks and toothpicks to full barspin on the big sub, and generally cranking hard and going huge all over the park. Ryan also pulled a barspin 540 tailtap on the 10ft. quarter – Ryan rides brakeless, by the way. We partied with some ladies in Monticello that night, did a show in St. Paul the next day, then it was time for a much anticipated part of the trip: Montana!

After a LONG drive, we pulled into Helena the night before the show, checked into a motel and got some rest. The locals met us the next morning and took everybody street riding. We knew this was going to be a good show ¿ the shop was super-cool, the locals were a blast, and they even had a band playing while we warmed up! Unfortunately, about 20 minutes before the show, Ryan jumped the box and something went wrong. He’s got the 2-Hip box wired, but this jump somehow landed him in the hospital with a concussion. It was over 100 degrees, and we only had two riders to do the work of three, but Parker and Dave stepped up to the challenge and put on one of the most fun and energetic shows I’ve seen in a long time. The crowd was going completely bananas, and Dave took that energy and did all of his tricks about 2 feet higher than he had so far on tour. Huge tailwhips, ridiculously high 360s, and a stretched superman seat grab one-hander (letting go of the grip). It was crazy!

Ryan had to spend the night in the hospital, so we ended up doing thee other Montana show with just Parker and Dave in even hotter weather, but the guys came through again, injuries and all! After that show, we headed back to Helena to grab Ryan and get a little wakeboard session in thanks to Simon from Big Sky Cyclery, then rolled on to Oregon. Ron Wilkerson joined us in Portland for our last two shows, as well as a vert session at the Beavertonpark. Then, battered and bruised, the crew headed for Dave Nourie’s house in southern Oregon. We hit up all the public parks around Dave’s house, saw some rad videos of old Haro shows, then fired up the van for the last leg of the journey, back to San Francisco. Ron, Parker, Dave and I finally got some proper Mexican food, then hit up downtown SF for a night session, and that was it. Tour was officially over.

Check in at the 2-Hip site for more details and pictures from the tour (after the X-Games, it’s busy here!) as well as our extensive thank-you list. Thanks to everybody who came to the shows and helped us out this year, and we’ll see you on the road next year!