Ron Wilkerson took over a section of Golden Gate Park once again on Oct.19, bringing the Meet the Street circus to the masses. Ron stepped things up this year, obtaining a sound permit and surrounding the contest area with metal police fencing, finally keeping the overzealous crowd off the ramps. The ramps themselves were definitely in better shape than in the previous couple of years, and there were even some slightly different obstacles and a welcome lack of a box jump.

Ryan Fowler handplants the spine rail. He was coming really close to pulling 360 handplants over it, too.  credit: Kevin McAvoy

Two classes of amateurs took the better part of the day to run, so several people took to partying and setting off fireworks to pass the time, which eventually led to a stupid fight. There seems to be a fight every year, but Ron’s cries of “Who came here to see a bike contest?” got the crowd back behind the fence and back to cheering for the riders. As usual, practice was pretty crazy (all entrants were fueled by free RedBull), but at least the riders didn’t have to contend with the encroaching crowd, so they had access to every ramp on the course. There was a spine, a spine with a sub rail, a curved wallride, some grind ledges, an over-vert “clamshell” quarter, an old Dodge SUV, and a crazy ramp with a sub on one side and a transitioned jersey barrier-type obstacle on the other. Joel Hulsey somehow managed to blast huge airs out of it. Local hero Kurtis Elwell was busting 540s, hurricanes on the spine rail, and big whips all over the place. Scott Foster three-whipped the spine and jumped icepicks over the spine rail to fakie, but lost momentum while trying to pull a whip-to-icepick on the sub. Cameron Birdwell slipped into the third place spot with his patented dose of burly tricks.

Scott Foster made the trip to SF and 360-whipped the spine, landing in second place.  credit: Kevin McAvoy

All in all, this year’s MTS seemed to run pretty smoothly, except for when I got arrested and my car was broken into, but that’s another story?

Joel Hulsey can blast. He found a way to squeeze some big airs out of the transitioned jersey barrier thing.  credit: Kevin McAvoy

1. Tyson Fitz
2. Josh Sereglou
3. Sterling Erikson
4. Ramone Maraquin
5. Ryan Rodriguez
6. Tomy Prince
7. Mark Kennedy
8. Chris Lagne
9. Timmy Nicholls
10. Lorin Adams

1. Steve “Ted” Anzel
2. Jeff Kendleweed
3. Ben Kelgrim
4. Andrew Lang
5. Aaron Day
6. Jesse Buerster
7. Timmy Makin
8. Mike McNamara
9. Kelvin Coup
10. Jason C.

1. Kurtis Elwell
2. Scott Foster
3. Cameron Birdwell
4. Jon DeMers
5. Ryan Fowler
6. Joel Hulsey
7. Nick Bonner
8. Chad Bautista
9. Ryan O’Connell
10. Ryan Armstrong