By: Kevin McAvoy Jun 28 – Jul 15

The 2000 2-Hip summer tour is underway and it’s already been pretty crazy. We left San Francisco at 4am to pick up George Hoernig at the airport, then headed down to the Ride Publishing headquarters in Santa Ana to pick up David McDaniel, 2-Hip’s newest team member. At this point, the crew consisted of George, David, Sean Parker, Ryan O’Connell, John Reed (comic relief) and Kevin McAvoy (2-Hip’s team manager). We all piled into the van and drove to Phoenix to drop Parker off at the airport and catch some sleep for the long drive to Texas.

The Texas shows were super fun, and were both followed by rad sessions at local spots. In San Antonio, we had a great time with the crew at Cycle Logic, then hit up the Tank skatepark for a memorable evening of riding and hanging out. Austin was next, where we rode the Intellect Ramp Ranch, then enjoyed the famous Austin nightlife. We hooked up with Crowbar (old friend of the 2-Hip camp) in Dallas and headed to his friend’s house, which had a completely plywood backyard – ramps everywhere.

The following morning we rolled on to Arkansas, where a huge crowd (along with Ryan’s Grandma) got the riders pumped up for one of our best shows yet. Ryan is packing almost every run with 360 variations, George and John are hitting tailwhips, nothings, etc., and David is killing long, dialed flat links wherever we go. We packed up the trailer and got psyched for our next destination: Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

We managed to blow a tire on the road to Memphis and then the treads peeled off the spare as we were taking the exit for Graceland. We were driven by sheer determination to see the King’s mansion, so we limped to the ticket office and arrived minutes before closing. We all choked a little on the $12 admission price, but quickly forgot about that as we toured the fully pimped-out digs.

When we finished the mansion tour, we came to the realization that we were now stranded in Memphis. We had a crippled tour rig and it was July 4th so there wasn’t a tire store open in the whole state. We crawled on the last of the steel belts to a motel and then George and I walked to a nearby bar for a bite to eat. Walking in the door, it became obvious that we were predestined to be stuck in this very spot. We had just stumbled into a redneck karaoke bar. We grabbed David and managed to bang out a bunch of songs with the locals. I myself chose a number of Charlie Daniel’s tunes, so you can imagine our disbelief when, as we were driving through Nashville the following day, we passed the Charlie Daniel’s Band filming a video at a rest stop on the highway! God Bless the USA!

We’ve spent the last week hanging out at George’s house in New Jersey, riding the Incline Club all day and getting loose all night. There’s definitely something in the water out here, because all the local riders are throwing down. Sean Parker and Dave “Littleman” Garcia are stepping in to replace David and George for the next leg of the tour, so we’ll check in when there’s more stories to tell!