After a few months of hype building on Instagram, followed by the trailer that dropped on Friday, the countdown to Intervention has begun. With the distinctly unique and clever art direction and some hard slams and telltale B-roll in the trailer, you know some serious effort has gone into this video—both on the production and of course, with the riding. The premiere of Kink's new video Intervention is less than a week away and we caught up with Kink's main man behind the camera and controls, Darryl Tocco and team manager, Jay Roe, for some backstory on the project.

You can watch the premiere of Intervention right here at RideBMX next Saturday night, and expect a week of exclusive daily Kink Intervention content leading up to it.

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Kink has always been a brand that stuck pretty hard to DVDs and ten years ago this would have been a banging one; is this a sign of the future?
I'm not really sure, this was a 3-4 month project, we didn’t really plan on the filming/production being this successful. I think in the beginning Jay and I pictured the video being 8-10 minutes long. We just wanted to put something together that seemed like more than our typical web video. The team went to work, though, and we ended up with something way beyond what we envisioned. I still think you’ll see hard copy Kink releases in the future.

Will there be a DVD release of Intervention?
I don’t believe so at this time, but we haven’t discussed it in a while, it’s been a busy month.

BMX is pretty much on a certified “webisode” kick right now…what’s your guys’ feeling on putting out quality-long form content versus quick turnaround stuff?
We’ve never really been into the half-assed content just to have some content. Not knocking webisodes, but it’s pretty clear that not much goes into making one of those things. I’ll take quality over quantity every day of the week.

What is the backstory on how the title Intervention came about?
[Jay Roe] Before we decided what kind of project we were even going to get into, our main topic of conversation was about what we as Kink can do, to change, continue to progress, adapt and contribute. I jokingly starting relating this idea in my head, to the fact that we wanted some kind of intervention—whether it was us taking a look at ourselves, or us taking a look at the current state of BMX as it happens around our bubble of Kink BMX.

The term also gave us a chance to make fun of ourselves, and create a unique campaign showcasing our art/photography guys, and the riders themselves. Fortunately, none of us on Kink have any serious issues that needed real intervening, but more lighthearted quirks, addictions, habits and ways of living each day, that allow you to see our guys on a more laughable, personal level. I think we were in the Kink van, Spring 2015, during a California shop tour, and I just kind of felt like throwing it out there. I thought it sounded cool, it's serious, but also kind of funny, and it was something we could all get behind, and get motivated for. Everyone was pretty into it from that day—and now we’re here!”

Who handled all the art direction for the video?
Dave Fortman handled the art for the video, and we worked together a ton on coming up with the imagery that we used for the concept. I’m really stoked on what Dave did for this project—he killed it.

How did all the unique medicine bottles for each guy come about? And who's was the hardest to come up with?
[Jay Roe] I believe it was originally an idea Darryl brought up, and then our Art Director, Dave Fortman, and photographer, Jesse Stanek took it to the next level. I sent Dave a cheat sheet of sorts to get the ball rolling on the bottles. Weird quirks, habits, and lifestyle choices eventually made their way onto the bottles representing guys in the video—and their oddities. None of them were hard to come up with, these guys are kooks!


Why does Tony Hamlin’s bottle have bacon bits in it?
[Jay Roe] I haven’t been on the road with Tony in a couple months now…but he’s a pretty heavy bacon advocate, and eater of all things meat.

Where did you guys travel for filming?
[Jay Roe] The main locations hit include, the East Coast (NYC, Boston, Rochester, New Hampshire, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh), California, Texas, Riga Latvia, Barcelona Spain, and San Jose Costa Rica. Love this shit!

Kink is arguably the most well-traveled team in BMX. Why is it so important for you guys to explore what’s out there?
I think Jay and I, along with most of the team, were raised on the idea that BMX and travel go hand in hand. I can’t really picture one without the other. We want to see new shit, we want to ride new spots, and we want to experience other cultures. This chance isn’t going to last forever, so we’re trying to see as much of this place as we can.

The Kink team always seems to mesh so well together and it shows in the footage. Can you describe the dynamic of a typical Kink trip?
Everyone gets along so well at this point, we’re just talking shit to each other 90% of the time. The guys are motivated and usually we’re all tripping on how we ended up in whatever country we’re in so usually vibes are good, and the riding reflects that. Jay put in a lot of work and time to get the crew to where it is, these dudes are the shit.

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Tocco, gettin’ his. Photo @petjake

How much of the video did you film and who helped contribute?
I’m guessing I filmed around 1/3 of the whole project? Dan and Calvin are probably around the same. We were also lucky enough to have Christian Rigal, Lee Hopkins, Doeby, Evan Smedley, and Josh Babu help us out with some footage. I might be forgetting some people as well.

The am and flow dudes were represented well in Intervention—even starting the video off with flow rider with Bob Randel. Obviously they all killed it, but was it a goal going into the video to give them a lot of shine time?
I think we wanted to give everyone a chance to put it down. Bob is about as real as it gets out there, he was busting his ass with his crew at home, meeting up with Calvin, driving the van around, getting footage; he just did his thing. We all love Bob and his footage is a clear standout so I was more than hyped to start the video with him.

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Bob Randel went in. Photo @christianrigal

Why didn’t Connor have a full section?
Connor was unfortunately hurt for most of this process, but I’m sure we’ll get cracking on something together soon.

How much did having Jay Roe living in Barcelona for a few months help the project?
Jay is a BCN spot aficionado at this point, so that was huge for us. Myself, Tony, Jake, Dan, Ben Basford, and Jay spent some time out there cruising and it’s a big part of this video. Jay is like a walking encyclopedia right now.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.11.43 AM

Ben Basford samples some Barcelona splendor with a crankarm grind to hop-over. Photo: @mo_nussbaumer

Dan’s riding has come such a long way over the last five years. How did the kid become such a beast?
He's a crazy person. At some point he just started jumping on whatever he came across, it’s scary, man. He worked his ass off for this part, it’s scary to film, but it’s great to watch it come together. But yeah, I’m not really sure what’s wrong with him.

It looked like Dan was riding in a few stressful situations in high profile locations with a lot of people around. Are there any moments/clips that stand out to you?
The feeble out ledge in Barcelona was tough, we went several times and kept getting kicked out by a police officer that lives in the building. The language barrier actually helps in this type of situation; we can just act like we don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about. But he showed Dan his badge and it was pretty obvious what was happening. The last time we went he was out walking his dog and Dan charged it. Basford had to hold up the power lines so Dan could get under them since the ledge is so high. Pretty wild.

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Not even an off-duty cop and low-hanging power lines can stop Dan Coller. Think you’re a rail boss? Prepare to have you feelings hurt when you see Dan’s part. Photo @petjake

After everything that went down in this video, is there really any point for anyone to go to Rochester to film ever again?
The Roc will never stop offering footage [laughs]. As long as Dan and Jake are there you’ll be seeing it in Kink videos.

Looking back at the video, who surprised you the most with how their footage came together? And who has your personal favorite section?
Bob’s stuff is great, he’s a bit more raw than the rest of us, the footage is crazy. Jake’s as well, he came through big and all his stuff is dope. Dan’s part is a favorite, Doyle, Tony, I don’t know man… I’m psyched on everyone’s shit.

Kink BMX Intervention. Live-Stream Premiere, January 23rd at 3pm ET/12pm PT.
Encore showing at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Showings on,, and additional BMX media outlets…

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Doyle never, ever, disappoints. Photo: Connor_Lodes