FAQ – Ride BMX Magazine’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

In no particular order…

Q: I’m a beginner. Do you have any tips on how to get started with some basic tricks?
A: Actually, we have just the thing for you. Several years ago Ride put out a full-length how-to video just for beginners. Since then we have split the video into four parts; dirt, street, ramps, and flat and put each section on the site. Click here to watch the Basics videos. When you are done with those, you can search our other BMX how-to videos for other trick tips. Good luck and have fun!

Q: Will you sponsor me?
A: Absolutely not, but thanks for asking. Ride has never sponsored a rider and has no plans to do so.

Q: Can I have some free Ride stickers?
A: Sorry, not right now.

Q: Will you send me free bike parts, clothes, videos, and/or other stuff?
A: Not a chance, unless you win one of our contests. Keep your eyes peeled for those and enter every one of them. You’ll snag some free gear soon enough…

Q: How can I get back issues of the magazine?
A: Um…Ebay? Sorry, we don’t have any more back issues for sale.

Q: How can I submit photos to the printed magazine?
A: We're always interested in technically sound photos of good riding, cool spots, unique angles/perspectives, and any other soulful BMX imagery, including portraits, lifestyle, etc.

• Digital Submissions: We allow up to 6 online low-res (72 dpi, 700 pixels tall) examples sent via email to [email protected] If we see anything we might consider using we'll send you our FTP info so you can upload your images that way. Or you can send your RAW unprocessed images or full-res Tiffs sent to the address below on a disk.

• Film Submissions: We accept original slides, b/w negs, or quality darkroom prints. We DO NOT except scans.

If you send us anything you wish to have returned please include a self-addressed and properly return posted envelope/package. Also, make sure to include all the info for each photo, rider, trick, location, etc.

Ride BMX Magazine
Attn: Jeff Zielinski
2052 Corte Del Nogal
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Carlsbad, CA 92011

Q: I subscribed to Ride and never got my free gift…what gives? (Or any other subscription-related questions.)
A: We apologize, but our subscription department handles those things and we have no control over that. You can call the subscription department at (866) 743-3269 or shoot an email to [email protected]

If you would like to subscribe to Ride, click here to order online.

Q: Why doesn’t this article or video on the site work?
There are many reasons why some content does not work or is missing. We could go on all day about that, but we will spare you the details. Basically our site has gone through two huge changes since December of 2007 and a lot of things were lost in cyber space. We will work to get some things back, but unfortunately some stuff will be lost forever. If there is something you are dying to see, email our Online Editor at [email protected] and we will see if we can dig it up for you somehow.

Q: Do you have any tips or advice for beginning photographers?
Sure do. Check out advice from Jeff Zielinski, Fat Tony, and Justin Kosman. Good luck and have fun shooting!

Q: I really like to write and was wondering, how do you get into writing for a BMX magazine like Ride?
There are a lot of aspiring writers out there and we get emails like this all the time. We responded on the site once, so click here to read what we had to say. Thanks, and good luck!