Words: Kyle Hart

Intro/interview by Ryan Fudger

I’ve known Kyle since he was like twelve. He showed up to our local park and was wearing two belts, both of which hung so loose that they never had any intention of holding his pants up. I think Kyle imagined that the belts had bullets on ’em like he was this BMX riding gun-slinger. He wasn’t. He was just a little kid that we called Double Belt for a very long time and not only could he handle our constant barrage of shit talk, Kyle could deliver it back. He’s always possessed this boisterous confidence that has allowed him to be his true self at all times…even when it’s in some sort of completely inappropriate situation to be drunk, half-naked, and screaming. If you haven’t already caught it, we dropped Kyle’s new Subrosa edit this morning, so I figured it’d be a good idea to cycle through some of the archives and ask Kyle a few questions…

How’s desert life treating you?
Loving it! I was born to dwell in freedom and cactus sand.

Who are you riding with the most out in Phoenix these days? How’s the scene overall?
Mostly with Tammy. Our schedules always tend to line up and always down to get to it early. Scene is thriving. Streetfighter jam showed me that haha. Everyone out here RIPS.

I know you miss San Diego, though…
It’s hard not to miss the weather in the summer but I like guns more than surfboards.

On a scale of one-to-ten (one being horrible) what would your life be if the fastplant didn’t exist?
About a 1.69. I’d like to thank all my short short adorning freestyle god forefathers for not allowing me to feel that oblivion.

Same question, but metal music…
-420. What a bubblegum hiphop whimpy bag of shit this world would be without metal.

The Metal Mondays instagram series you were doing went on for what, a year or more? Why’d you end it? Seemed like there was a bit of an outrage, haha.
Almost two years. Made it 100 weeks in a row. I’m a 100% committed person when I say I’m gonna do something so I put myself through hell making sure they got done every week regardless of whatever else was going on (real filming, work, eating lol) so it just ran its course. I’m still making them, but dropping them on days people hate less with more variation in music

Your tenth year with Subrosa is coming up…how unreal has this last decade been?
It’s been fucking amazing. Working with likeminded individuals who care about the direction we push this passion is what it’s all about. The team is made up of my best friends so trips are unreal and having some serious artistic freedom with design is truly a blessing.

How’d you originally get involved with Subrosa?
As a baby squirt my friends and I always worshipped [Ryan] Sher (ego stroke deluxe) so naturally we followed him around until we forced our way into the friend zone. Rode SD a ton together and eventually did really well at a contest in AZ and Ryan was stoked enough to make me the first flow dude.

What’s been the highlight of those ten years?
Fuck. Haha, it’s impossible to whittle down to just one. GUTI premiering in Estonia, GUTI getting nominated for best video at NORA, two weeks in Japan, winning the team video contest at Woodward West, getting to collaborate with metal record labels, designing signature parts, and having insane party stories from all the trips…it’s been a hell of a decade.

Your signature Trillicus frame is obviously different from everything else out there with the double top tube. I may be reaching, but I feel like “being different” is a reflection of your personality in a sense…I don’t really have a question here, haha.
Nah, I hear ya haha. I see plenty of the same shit getting recycled on the popular side of BMX. So if that’s what you wanna see and do, it’s right there for you. If more people capitalized on the things they’re good at and not just do whatever is cool or acceptable, BMX would have many more facets of creativity. Be yourself to the fucking maximum to be truly lit fam squad goals.

The video we’re dropping tomorrow is too fucking awesome. Were you filming specifically for something or is it just a collection of normal riding?
I was really motivated to piece together a long-term project with [Bobby] Kanode so this is what we got before he ended up leaving Subrosa. [Ryan] Chadwick helped me finish it up and after a bazillion set backs and run arounds logistically this is what I cooked up with Tammy [McCarley]. It definitely wasn’t a direct mission and didn’t go according to plan, but I’m stoked on the results.

Do you think any kids are bummed that you shot up a perfectly good Ammo seat in your vid?
Hahahaha it’s got like 69 holes in it, but I think it’s still rideable! We should do a giveaway for the AmmoCamo SwissCheese™ series.

As someone puts out a healthy amount of instagram footage, how do you decide what clips go to insta and what gets saved?
Well I almost only ever film myself, so if someone is out with their own camera I’ll kiss them on the lips and be grateful to film for something “bigger.” Otherwise, I love doing my own thing; putting it together exactly how I want and using music that most people fucking hate. There’s something immensely satisfying about doing your “art” with total control. Instagram just happens to be the most convenient outlet for that.

Sticking with this whole ten year thing, how has BMX changed in the last ten years?
Well, unsurprisingly, it’s changed at a pretty close parallel to cultural zeitgeists in general. The fashion is obvious. The need to have every second of what you do broadcast (vlogs, I’m looking at you) and that goes along with the sense of instant gratification. Instead of saving an insane banger that would excel in a well-edited video section or even “web edit,” it’s more valuable to put out the raw clip to gain notoriety. Not that I’m even really opposed to the evolution, but one can’t help but miss the beer thrash sloppy hesh stunt bodybaggin VHS good ‘ol days.

What about your own riding? I feel like you’ve gotten way more technical over the years.
I stuck myself in a category early on of only doing big, fast shit so I avoided a big portion of BMX. One day I llooked at the big picture and thought, “Fuck this I’m gonna learn every god damned trick I can think of” and it’s been extremely rewarding. I will always love cranking until my bike can’t go any faster, but the allure of piecing together a technical line or move has become like learning to play a new instrument. It’s very interesting to be 30 and learning more tricks now than I did at 20 haha

Any thanks?
Ryan [Sher], Ronnie [Bonner], and everyone at Sparky’s for being kick ass thunder gods, Tammy for helping me edit this, Bobby and Chadwick for filming, Satan, RideBMX for always keeping it real, Municipal Waste for partying, beer, guns, and my wife Heather for allowing me to never grow up. Hope this video makes you bang your head. Xoxo

Photo Captions/Credits:

Intro: Yung Kyle Tourist on friendly deer island in Japan. Photo: Fudger

B&W Lookback: Any given 8am Kyle can be wrapping one hell of a lookback. Photo: Fudger

Fastplant over rail: If Kyle created his own religion, he’d probably call it Fastplanity. #badjoke. Photo: Fudger

Lookback: One of my favorite photos from over the years. ‘Cano lookback in Japan. Photo: Fudger

Railhop: Pop and twist. Railhop turndown. Photo: Fudger