No snow storm could keep these Pacific Northwest pool shredders from riding this amazing indoor concrete bowl to celebrate Dean Dickinson’s 31st birthday. The jam went off and everyone killed it but Ryan Barrett ended up taking the high air win as well as the best trick. It was awesome to see name in a video again after growing up seeing him kill it in Props videos!

“On January 7th, 2017 TEAM SHRALP powered through an EPIC snowstorm and hosted Dean Dickinson’s birthday bash as DEAN’S DIRTY 31 POOL PARTY. INVITE ONLY pool party session at Dave Tobin’s private indoor concrete bowl. Featuring 31 of the best Pacific Northwest pool shredders! Riders battled it out for high air, best trick, and the “Shred Boner Award.” Featuring: Ryan Barrett, Andy Merrall, Jamie Jacobson, Jimmy “Wildcard” Cogan, Nick Vergillio, Slade Scherer, Mike Sheldon, John Battreal, & more!”

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