A few months back Steve Kolb and the Mudslingers BMX Shop team took a trip on down to Florida for the FloriDeah Swampfest. Once the crew got to Florida, they hit up a handful of parks and sights along the way. Here’s a bunch of clips Steve stacked while riding. As always, Steve brings a unique, creative and original style of riding to everything he comes across. Check it out!

Steve travels with his teammates from Mudslingers Bmx Shop to film at some of Florida’s best skate parks including Kona, Spot of Tampa, Pro Bowl, Orlando, Bradenton, and many more after Swamp Fest. Steve executes a variety of technical combos, big gaps, and creative tricks during the trip supported by his new NoWear Mike DiNello Signature Frame. Major gratitude is expressed to Tony Larson and Jackson E. for planning the awesome road trip. Also, thanks to the Mudslingers teammates for helping film clips to make this edit!

Song: Under Denver – Asking Alexandria
Filmed by the Apple IPod 5
Edited with IMovie Software