It is truly amazing where a BMX bike can take you. While we all started out on the local track closest to home, at some point the large majority of racers found themselves traveling further and further away to hit races – in some cases, another part of the world. The countless hours spent driving in the car to a state race or the next national are all part of the sport. The memories gathered during such trips are instilled in the memories of all racers for the rest of their lives. Now, no matter how far you have gone, chances are you have never had the opportunity to race in Russia. I can bet that Russia is not on the top ten list of most racers for places they would like to race before they retire. However, one thing that has started to come to light is the growth of the sport in the massive country that sits just north of Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

In July, one month before the Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Russia held their first ever National Championship event. While it did not garner the attention of many mainstream BMX sites, it is another piece of evidence that out sport is growing – especially on a global level. The official Cycling Federation of Russia held the event in the countries capital of Moscow. There is no doubt this is the ideal city for such an event – especially as the country continues to grow BMX racing across the entire area. The Cycling Federation of Russia is definitely making the push as their calendar shows 24 various competitions for BMX racing throughout the year.




Now, Moscow is home to one of the largest velodrome facilities in the entire region – Marinsky. The facility also holds the track where the championships were held. Labeled as the “BMX Ground” the facility is more than adequate to give Russia’s best a place to train and keep their competitive edge. With 120 athletes signed up for the event, two athletes were the favorites. It just so happens that these two Russian up and comers are also the riders that will represent the country during this weeks Olympic games in Rio. Overall, the weekend was a huge benchmark for Russian cycling. Not only did the event have a major push from Russia’s cycling federation, it was also a mark to celebrate the first Russian athletes to earn a spot competing at the Olympic games. There is no doubt that Russia is going to continue the growth of BMX, especially if they prove to be successful in Rio. While it is still young, there should be much more to come. We are definitely stoked to see BMX continue to strive around the world, even in unsuspecting places such as Russia…


Women Elite Podium

1. Yaroslava Bondarenko

2. Mariya Frolova

3. Tatyana Kapitanova


Men Elite Podium

1. Yevgeny Komarov

2. Kleshenko Eugene

3. Paul Malyshenko