Fernando Marmolejo is back with another round of Point of Shooter giving us a look at how things went down from the photographers perspective! This time around it’s a little different than his usual one on one shoots, but a look at how he shot photos at the Battle of Hastings at Source BMX! Anyone who shoots photos knows shooting events can be super tricky and require some unique tricks to getting the right shot. This video shows you what it took for him to get his shots and a look at the final results. Amazing.

Hastings once a year becomes the center of attention of the BMX world with one of the tests with more potential of the planet, the Battle of Hastings.
A skatepark realized in the pavilion of an old swimming pool next to the sea that during a weekend the screams and the pure atmosphere of BMX has made that it did not think that it was working.

Dan Lacey
Corey Martinez
Boyd Hilder
Jason Watts
Ryan Sher
Greg Illingworth
Preston Okert
Corey Walsh
Garrett Reynolds
Dennis Enarson
Chase Hawk
Sem Kok
Ben Lewis
Matty Cranmer
Matt Berenger
Mike Clark

We use for this session the Elinchrom ELB400 Cromalite S.L. with fast heads and cameras It’s Olympus Em1 mk2 and Olympus ZUIKO optics:
8mm F1.8 PRO
17mm F1.2 PRO
25mm F1.2 PRO
45mm F1.2 PRO
40-150 F2.8 PRO” – Fernando Marmolejo