It's that time of year again when we celebrate the riders who rode the best throughout the year as voted by their fellow pros at the annual NORA Cup awards. NORA Cup 2018 was the second year in a row we've held the show in Hastings, England, during Battle Of Hastings weekend. After an incredible day of riding at the BOH qualifying the stoke was high coming into the night and we kicked the night off with the premier of the BOH Plaza videos. All of the videos were truly insane, but once the dust settled, Alex Hiam and Garrett Reynolds took the win for Team Hiam. Following that, the one and only Scotty Cranmer walked out on stage as our host for the evening and he introduced each of our guest presenters, including Trey Jones (Reader's Choice), Brian Kachinsky (Video Part), Corey Bohan (Trail Rider), Martti Kouppa (Flatlander), Peter Adam (Video), Sebastian Keep (Transition), and Caleb Kilby (Street). There's also the Number One Racer award, which will be awarded at a later time. Thanks again to Scotty for hosting, all of the presenters, and everyone who showed up to cheer and party with us, as well as those who tuned in to the live feed as well. Also, none of this would have been possible without our sponsors: Bell, Cinema, GT, Haro, Kink, Madera, Mongoose, Monster, ODI, Profile, Protec, Rant, Shadow, Source, Subrosa, and Vero.

Without further delay, here are the winners of the 2018 NORA Cup…

Reader’s Choice Rider Of The Year: Felix Prangenberg
To put it bluntly, Felix Prangenberg is the rider from the future—he's got tricks and combos for days and an unmatched level of consistency. It' awesome to see the readers recognize Felix's efforts over the past year and we're sure we'll be seeing a lot more of him on stage in the future.

Number One Video Part: Dennis Enarson – Caps Lock
The video part that shook the BMX world. Safe to say Dennis' name and NORA cup were in the same sentence for a lot of people after first seeing that video. Come time for voting and Dennis won by a landslide.

Number Trail Rider – Satoski Enda
The trail community rallied behind Japan's Satoski Enda to get him up on stage this year. Fun fact, his name is actually Satoshi with an "h", but his name was spelled wrong back in 1995 at an ABA race and he's been known in the BMX world as Satoski ever since. We spelled his name properly on his NORA Cup.

Number One Flatlander – Jean-William Prevost "Dub"
This was the second year in a row Jean took won the Flatlander cup, but it was first time up on stage because he was at the Voodoo Jam in New Orleans this time last year. It was great to see Dub up on our stage receiving his cup and he had a great speech as well.

Number One Video – ONE – Shadow & Subrosa
Featuring Subrosa/Shadow riders Kyle Hart, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Matt Ray, Trey Jones and Mark Burnett, and with polished filming and editing by Ryan Chadwick, ONE had all the ingredients for a NORA Cup Number One Video.

Number One Transition Rider – Dennis Enarson
While on stage accepting his award, Dennis said that there a lot of other great tranny riders killing it and asked for everyone to stop voting for him for Transition rider. No doubt there are a lot of great transition riders out there, but you just keeping crushing it, Dennis.

Number One Street Rider – Simone Barraco
No doubt whenever you saw Simone Barraco ride this year his hyper progressive trick selection, ultra smooth style, and good setup use were ever present and his fellow pro riders recognized that with their voting. Unfortunately, Simone couldn't be with us last night because his grandmother just passed away. We offer our sincere condolences to Simone and his family and congrats on the win and we hope it helps brighten this dark time for him.

Trey Jones accepted the Street Rider cup on Simone’s behalf.

Legend Award – Van Homan
In true Van Homan fashion, when on stage one of the first things he jokingly said was that he hope that getting the award didn't mean he was washed up. That sums Van and his riding up so well, because despite being a pro for two decades, he's still pushing himself and won't be resting on his laurels any time soon. But giving Van the Legend award goes deeper than his perseverance as a rider, and includes all of his contributions both on and off the bike and the overall influence he's had on BMX as a whole.


Thanks again to all of our sponsors who helped make this event possible.