Street jams are all the rage in this day and age, and Monster Energy teamed up with the locals of Zurich to put on a hell of an event. One of the better produced videos from a jam we have seen, sit back and take in all the action that went down.

“the second “BMX Zurich Street-Jam” was a flawless success! We would like to thank all the riders, the sponsors and the organizer for making this siiick event happen. People, crews and what not came from all over Switzerland, Germany and beyond to Zurich. We estimated, that about 120 to 130 riders showed up for the jam. After a splendid afternoon packed with seven different spots we ended up in the big skate-park in Zurich / #brunau . A “grill&chill” and cold drinks were expecting us, as also some prices for the overall winners and riders who put in a great deal of work.

Thank you all for coming and shredding like crazy!

Thank our sponsors
@[email protected] @ridetsg @[email protected] @premiumbmx_, without your support this would not have possible.

Thank to the organizer
@zhbmx_ @nutsandbolts_bmx and @bmxzh for the outstanding good teamwork #zhstreetjam16 #zhbmx

and Also thank you @alsofilms for the drone support

camera by

Roclin Izbomb
Yves Bolts
Dani Haenle
Denys Sterlihov
Drej Barnes
Raphael Bloch / RBFilms  
Sandro Jans / ALSOfilms”