Lewis Cunningham is 14 years old, rocks sweat pants, and is damn good for his age. Since he has been shredding so hard he ended up getting the bump up from his hook up status to Animal AM for 2017 and it looks like it was a good call. I don’t remember what tricks I was doing at 14 but I wasn’t crank arming 8 stair rails or doing crank flip to nosemanuals on a curb island I can tell you that much. If he stays with it I think its safe to say that Lewis’ future is bright!

“We’ve seen Lewis Cunningham on the UK scene for a while now and to say he’s good for his age is a massive understatement! Having up until now been on animal through Waller BMX in Sheffield they saw fit to give him the bump to their AM squad. Lewis has an eye for spots far superior to his age of just fourteen and the tricks to match. We’re sure this won’t be the last time we see this UK young gun shredding this year.”

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