The design team at Odyssey have adorned their names to some of the best selling and longest lasting products in the world of BMX throughout the last 30 years, but perhaps one of their most trustworthy product lines are their rims. It's an inarguable fact that the Hazard Lite is one of the greatest rims of all-time, and amongst dozens of other innovations, they also brought hard annodization to the world of wheels, helping to usher in an era of colored 20″s that add more than black, chrome or silver to your ride. So, with such a storied history, it goes without saying that when Odyssey releases a new rim, there's a good reason for it; with that, it’s time to explain the benefits of their new Litehouse hoops.

Odyssey’s new Litehouse rim fits right in between the Hazard Lite and the Quadrant rims, if you’re looking to rate the rim on weight & durability. Constructed of 6000 series aluminum, the 20″ rim features a large hollow center chamber, surrounded by thick angled sidewalls to create Odyssey’s widest rim yet, measuring up at 35mm. The 1mm of extra width not only adds structural strength, but better accommodates the 2.3″+ tires that so many riders are preferring these days. While not as hard as the 7000 series 7K-A rim, the lighter weight (16oz) is potentially more appealing to riders looking for less rotational weight than the Hazard Lite while still holding nearly as much strength. And for those riders who still rock brakes, the angled sidewalls can still accommodate brake pads – just be precise when dialing the pads in and you’re set.

The Odyssey Litehouse rim is available now from all Odyssey dealers, which is more or less almost every shop in existence. The Litehouse rim is available for $59.99 in a plethora of options, as long as that option of choice is 36h & black. For more info on Odyssey’s full spectrum of products, be sure to take a look at, and be sure to follow the brand on Instagram @odysseybmx.