If you had to run down a list of “problems” within the BMX industry during the current era, one that would be near the top of the card is the abundance of brands that have come & gone over the last decade. You see, current manufacturing abilties make it relatively easy to build your own line of frames or parts, as long as you have contact info for a trading agency and a few thousand bucks lying around. Sure, it might seem simple, but there’s a level of authenticity needed to attract loyal riders who will truly stand behind you as customers, and that can’t be purchased, no matter how intricate you make your packaging or how many Instagram followers you pay for. Ohio’s Daily Grind is a brand with humble beginnings & a modest product list, but after really making a name for themselves with their polarizing, raw as fuck Hard Times DVD a few years back, they’ve continued to hold it down for Midwest street riders; to me, their progression parallels that of Animal’s rise to prominence in the early 2000’s. You really can’t be a true street-based brand without your own line of pegs, and with the steel peg game already covered with the Eon, they’re now catering to plastic boys everywhere with the new Slider Peg.

Daily Grind’s Slider Pegs are the brands newest addition their roster of parts, following the tried & true formula of the metal peg/plastic sleeve combo, but Daily Grind decided to go with strength over weight savings by filling their 4.6″ sleeve with 4.4″ of 4130 chromoly. In speaking with Jon “Gremlin” Bechtold from DG, the guys went with chromoly over the lighter alloy cores used by other companies; not just because they grind faster when riding without the sleeve, but because they also hold their shape better. Unfortunately, theres a slight design flaw when it comes to some alloy peg/sleeve combos – combo pegs need to be a certain diameter to fit modern dropouts, and to keep them slim enough to fit, the inner core diameter can only be so thick. With aluminum, the thicker the gauge, the stronger it is, but you also need to keep the inner diameter slim enough to fit a socket in so you actually remove your wheels when necessary. What this can lead to is a peg core that might not be thick enough to truly be strong, so while you’re saving weight over chromoly, there’s a chance your cores can warp if your peg game isn’t smooth enough. With chromoly cores, you can get away with a much thinner peg wall & a wider range of sleeve diameters while still having a tough core than can handle abuse, as the material is much harder & doesn’t need to be as thick to hold up. What this also allows for is a thicker sleeve itself, as DG went with a special German nylon blend to last longer while sliding faster. Finally, peg weight really shouldn’t be an issue, but if it is for you, these are still on the lighter side at only 7.4oz.

Daily Grind’s Slider Pegs are available now from all Daily Grind retailers and mailorders. Hopefully you’ve got a shop nearby that knows whats up & stocks DG goods, but if you don’t, be sure to hit them up direct & see where you can get your hands on some gear, or help the guys get their goods into your favorite store. The Sliders retail for $19.99, and work with both 14mm and 3/8″s axles. Replacement sleeves are only $5.99, and the whole deal comes wrapped in neat White Castle influenced package (RIP Ohio WC’s). Make sure to take a minute to check out the Slider promo above, follow the brand on IG @dailygrindbmx, and for all product/team info, click this link to TheDailyGrindBMX.com now.