Know Your Roll – BOX Quantum Hubs


BOX Components has been regarded as one of the top component companies in BMX since their inception. Legendary cyclist and founder, Toby Henderson has been pushing since day one to create a market leading brand. As part of that, each knew product BOX releases,  seems to step it up. This time they are swinging for the fences with their Quantum hubs in this weeks Know Your Roll

Announced in the spring, the quantum hubs have been a big focus for the brand. The goal was to create a reliable 20-mil rear cassette hub without creating a new standard. The problem was fitting durable bearings between the cassette body and the oversize axle. The rear Quantum hub overcomes this dilemma by using the type of one-piece driver commonly found on "freestyle" hubs.

Each set includes a one-piece, 16-tooth driver supported by three large, roller bearings. Inside the driver are six pawls, each with two teeth that engage a 60-tooth ratchet ring. In turn that creates 6 degrees of engagement. The end result is a higher performing hub with fewer dead spots and less drag.

BOX Quantum front hubs are available only with 20-mil axles, but the rears can be easily converted between 10-, 15 and 20-mil axles. Each set includes a front and rear 20-mil set-up. Additional spacers included. Optional 10- and 15-mil axles are sold separately.


Hub Dimensions 


Front Hub:
Flange Diameter: 48mm
2.65mm Spoke Holes
69mm Flange to Flange Width

Rear Hub:
Flange Diameter: 61mm (both)
2.65mm Spoke Holes
55mm Flange to Flange Width
Rt. Flange to Center: 28mm


The hubs are manufactured from 6061  T6 aluminum while boasting a 7075 T6 aluminum axle and chromoly driver. One thing to note is the overall weight. The front hub dialed in at 162 grams (5.7 ounces) and the rear was a whopping 595 grams (21 ounces) – without the axle. BOX has three major competitors on the hub front, all of which offer lighter options. The good news is it is only a matter of a few ounces. The big shining light to combat weight weenies is price. While the big three competitors are all above the $550 and $600 mark, the BOX quantum set comes in at $499.99.

The BOX quantum hubs are available through your local bike shop and definitely worth considering on your next wheel build. Be sure to also check for more information on the quantum hubs and more…