How To: Nose Wheel with H Sulistyo Budi

Instructions:rn1. Begin pedaling on the bike to move forward. Gain enough speed that you can continue moving without pedaling.rnrn2. Stand up on the pedals to raise your body over the bike. Lean slightly forward to press your weight over the front tire. Continue leaning forward until the rear tire begins to rise off the ground.rnrn3. Hold the rear tire off the ground for as long as possible. When the bike begins to slow, lean back over the seat of the bike to drop the rear wheel back onto the ground. Begin pedaling once again to keep the bike in motion.rnrn-Tips & Warnings:rnThe nose wheel can be combined with other tricks to earn combination scores during competition. Be careful how far you lean over the front wheel because you can fall forward over the handlebars and face serious injuries.