History Lesson: Ben Hittle – Nation BMX ‘Non Stop’

In all honesty, I’m probably even more hyped to get this part online than Garrett’s…Ben Hittle is likely one of the best to ever do it on the now archaic, straight cable/cassette hub set up.  This is probably one of the earliest sections I can remember seeing of Ben (besides some web videos on Bikeguide), and although he was pegless most of his career, we catch some almost Wiz-like peg prowess in this part.  Filmer, Wade Young gave a few words about clocking clips with Ben at the start of it all.  Check it out below:

“The NationBMX trip was unlike most of the trips I've covered. I've done plenty of road trips, but I had never really gone on one with so many "park" riders.  Unfortunately, a few of the team's riders did not make the trip, Ben Hittle being among them.  However, even though Ben could not make the trip he still put together his own video part to go into the bonus section of the road trip DVD.

I was fortunate enough to spend some years riding and filming with Ben. At first I would see him at Woodward or at the local contests absolutely killing it. Then, as the years went by we became friends, which led to some of the wildest footage I’ve clocked. Ben’s eye for spots and overall style made it easy for him to impress me behind the lens. He was always so dialed. Tight transitions were a favorite of mine and it was inspiring/motivating to see Ben roast tranny walls and pull off tight, technical lines with such ease.” – Wade Young

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