Haro Bikes coming through with a fresh banger featuring Mike Gray going to work on spots out in California! As always, Mike delivers with some heavy clips from roof drops to big grinds, spins, tailwhips and much, much more. Add in some excellent film work from Doeby and you have a video you cannot pass up!

As fall takes hold in the great white North (Canada), Mike Gray rides the wave of California’s Indian Summer into the streets, alleys and rooftops of San Diego to film yet another mind melting street edit. Mike’s unique approach to riding will get you motivated and ready for that next ride so don’t wait another second, hit play, get stoked, and go ride!

Filmed by Doeby Huynh

Edited by Doeby Huynh

Music : Mondo Drag
Song : Pillars
Album: Mondo Drag
” – Haro Bikes