Photos/text: Colin Mackay


From the moment we decided to hit the road to boarding our flights was just three weeks. Our original intentions were to visit China, but the winter weather was going to be hit-or-miss at that time of the year. Mexico hit our radar after Enarson watched a skate team trip video (OJ’s Don’t drink the water, drink Tequila) and was pumped on the spots enough to share it around. I checked the weather and it was prime; no rain, mid 70 days, and cool nights. Then came time to see if our distro, Xtreme Bike could help out with the trip. 

Unexpectedly, they ended up covering most of the expenses, a huge help to us with not much notice at all. They organized Airbnb’s, vehicles with drivers, and a giant shop-stop schedule I knew nothing about until we landed. What a surprise that was! 

Pre-departure to Mexico I tried to arrange a couple meet-and-greets to help the locals meet our crew, but the distro went in and built the trip into a shop-stop trip instead of the video filming trip we had anticipated. We learned we had eight shops to visit in seven days spread out around the greater central Mexico region. 

Once we rolled up to that first shop to a crowd of 200+ riders we were all put in place. The communities really appreciated our crew visiting them and we stayed till the last one received an autograph. We squeezed in sessions at spots I had researched each day when we could and with the crew we had, the clips began flowing. There would be no sleeping in; we had shops to visit and spots to hit. It was a big week! I couldn’t imagine pulling off a video at the beginning of the trip but by about mid trip, it was a done deal!

Some of the drives to shops were really long and so were the lines, but our guys respected the support and love from each town we visited. One day we were riding a spot and we ended up being really late to a shop, we didn’t arrive until 8pm and we were welcomed with a warm reception. We let the riders know we were out filming and they were cool about it. Most of those kids may never leave their town, let alone meet legit superstar pro’s, so for us to come to them really meant so much. 

All in all, Kenneth and his crew at Xtreme Bike really looked after us and we thank them for a great trip. They wouldn’t stop anywhere remotely shady, kept an eye on our bikes, paid for our meals wherever we wanted to eat, accommodations were dialed, and they were a friendly bunch to hang out with. Doing some shop signings to help their business out after them helping us out so much was no problem at all…

Captions/All photos by Colin Mackay 

Chad Kerley | Nose Bar…  This nose bar really didn’t take long at all. He nosed it twice and finally tossed the bars all within 10 tries.Unbelievable. It was funny hearing the locals cheer when Chad nosed it the first time, an unreal clip in itself, but Chad wanted to ice the cake, and that he did.

Dennis Enarson | 360 over fence…   This three out over the fence was the first clip of the trip after spending most of the first day doing a couple shop-stops across town soaking up the sunlight. With only a bit of light left,Dennis ripped in and sent this. One and done and a great party starter from the man we all admire so much. 

Dennis Enarson | Rail-hop to Wallride…   This handicap ramp to wallride beggedto be done and Dennis was onto it. He ended a line with this after casually3’ing over a rail to set up for it. Unreal. 

Dennis Enarson | Downside Footplant…   The ditch in Guadalajara was high on our list to hit. It was the last day of our trip and most of the boys were beat so Dennis, Mike and I rode it. It took a bit of work to get rideable as it is an active drain and there was constantly water streaming through. Definitely a rad experience getting to ride it though. Both sides had different tranny’s andDennis preferred the steeper wall that almost went to vert. 

Matthias Dandois| Fullcab…   Matthias for sure filmed some hammer flat clips that will forever blow our minds but there were a few street clips where Matthias got out of his comfort zone and manned up. The full cab over the rail and when he double pegged a hand rail into a 3 down the next set. Matthias sweated both of these clips and came out on top. Congrats brother. 

Mike Gray | Fence Hop…   Mike was still gaining confidence after a bad ankle break back in 2016. This trip was good for him toget back on track and he filmed some cool switch lines and a big hop drop to really test out that ankle and he finished the trip in good shape. Mike is so strong and powerful at everything he does, it’s a pleasure to witness. 

Tyler Fernengel | Truck driver…   Tyler’s new found ways of life have transformed him even more of a machine. Tyler’s biggest challenge was getting though each day unscathed and he did this all the way to the end. Tyler had a problem of all-or-nothing and his past few trips he’s barely survived the first day or two. Picking the battles and being in the right frame of mind helped Fern succeed on this trip.