GT just added blaster and trick machine James Jones to their UK team roster. This dude rips and we’re sure to see a lot of more him now that he’s got the wings.

“When we were looking for a park destroyer to add to the GT team here in the UK, a bunch of riders came to mind but top of that list was James Jones. Few riders can rip a park with the same power, flow, and balls-out tricks like Jonesy can. He’ll always have something big up his sleeve. If you’re running a high-air contest for example, James will probably win it with a flair. Always good times with James: I’m stoked to have one of the most fun riders on the scene on GT.” —Mark Noble, GT

Film/edit: Jack Mould.
Music: Prime by The Seige
Venue: Adrenalin Alley, Corby

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