Ever turned 30 before? It kinda sucks, but it’s also pretty awesome that someone like Colt is down to celebrate his birthday by riding off of 30 roofs. Originally, Colt hoped to do this in a single day, but it ended up taking three. We’re okay with that.

Happy birthday, Colt!

Colt also answered some questions via instagram below…

@Offtheteam: What’s your favorite Rickey Bates story? 
There really are to many amazing memories I have with Rickey. Some that pop into my head right away are him trying to switch out of the driver seat while on a highway, trying to grab a pizza from a pizza delivery guy, then tripping and the pizza man jumped on him so he just said here’s $20. Having no where to sleep in Pittsburgh so we just slept in our sleeping bags in the middle of the city like straight homeless people, yet some how Rickey made it a fun ass experience.

@Montanaricky: at what point did you look at yourself and go I’m happy right here at the moment with my riding and style? 
While growing up riding, Me and a couple of my local friends would film each other, then I would get addicted to staying up all night just editing for no reason just for fun. Then after meeting Rickey, and him pretty much becoming my mentor. It was all so natural the way things happen and banned 1 and banned 2 where such natural, real documentation of a group of friends riding and being mischievous together. It wasn’t until banned 3 became worldly known, and in the running for video of the year, and my part was up for video part of the year, that I became more confident in my riding and style, and just knew, that set up/ stunt riding was more my thing than tech.

@Markpotoczny: Describe 71n in 10 words or less.
Paulzilla’s house was the best times of my youth

@Deanshralp: How do you balance being a full time dad,pro bmxer, and working your job? Did it come natural or take time to find balance?
It is really tough; I don’t get to ride as much as I would like these days. Like this project for example. I wanted to do all 30 roofs in one day, but having work 5 days a week, and spending my time with my son on the weekends, made it pretty difficult, so I had to split it up into 3 days of filming. It gets a little easier with time. It helps me constantly grow as a person as well.

@Brant_moore: How do you prep your mind for the gnarly stuff you do? Do you have a switch to turn off the fear or do you kinda just know your abilities and go in confident enough to not be scared?
Hard to fully explain, but you have to think about the negatives, all that bad things that can happen, so you can know how to get out of danger if something goes wrong, but then after that, u have to have 100% positive attitude. Turn off the negative thoughts that could hold u back but also remember the abort plans

@Tacothrash: What’s the strongest/most reliable part you’ve ever had on a bike so far?
Wheels and crank spindles are what I bend the most due to my riding style, but ever since bonedeth has made 48 spoke wheels, and I got the hook up with éclat and ride their cranks, I haven’t had to replace them

@Curtis_cantbmxwell: How did you get hooked up with fade footwear and how are you able to sell them for so cheap?(please keep it up they are amazing) also what is your favorite old school gaming system? 
I came across them on Instagram. Asked how I could purchase a pair, this was right around the time I got silver at games real box 2016 so they were happy to send me a pair for free. The shoes felt and rode amazing and were something I truly wanted to support and help grow. They flew me to Colombia and just connected and talked business. So we came up with idea that the Banned web store could be the start for American sales. And as for old school gaming system, nintendo64 will always have my heart.

@Timothydaliwag @brent4130allday and @yajirobebmx:  Worst n most silly injury?
Funny because my worst is also, my silliest. The box jump in my back yard I’ve jumped a million times, I don't know what happen this time but it bucked me weird, missed the whole landing, and landed on some sharp concrete. At first I was worried that I cut my head open, and then I realized my whole left shoulder was split open. Biggest scar I have on my body.

@Insular.x: What a classic BMX memory of yours?
7th grade, riding bike to school with my friend, taking the back road n cutting through the park to hit this rock pile covered with carpet, then stopping for a hot sausage before getting to school.

@Weirdandrevered: what’s the worst and best part about living in Florida?
Worst has to be not having a/c in your car in the summer, flat, sand, spots super spread out, lack of free public skateparks. Best part is winter weather, and affordable

@Caleb_hammondss: what’s the hardest you’ve ever hit your head and how did it feel?
Insert banned 3 wall ride crash

@Bmxbrokemyneck: what’s the odds of another colt45 fame?
It’s coming back soon! With a new name! The Determinator. It's going to be terminator themed.

@Eresfjordboy: At what age did you start riding?
13,I started racing, then got into skateboarding, and then 9th grade got into freestyle, and once I got my drivers license, it was game over, I was driving to the skatepark and downtown Orlando all the time.

@Chris.moulds.4130: Who’s your favorite part in the etnies forward video?
Mike Escamilla, I basically have photographic memory of that part! But it’s hard to say just one because the whole video is completely timeless and will forever be one of the best. Stricter, Ian Morris, Edwin Delarosa,

@Smilesbmxfu: How bad did Charlie’s apartment smell like weed?
Didn’t notice, but I did notice it gave me mad Rickey bates apartment vibes

@Brokeanddumb: who’s your inspiration?
Back in the day, my riding inspiration was Steven Hamilton.  Josh Stricker, Mike Escamilla, Aitken, Homan. These days, my life inspirations are Mike Escamilla, Alistair Whitton, because they are awesome BMX dads, and furthered their careers by now being stuntmen for movie. Always has been on of my dreams.

@Juke729: How is it like working with bone daddy Sean burns?
Always entertaining, knows how to be professional, without it taking away the innocence of why we all first started riding, simply because we had fun doing it,

@Trashtomasbmx: Which clip of yours took the most work to complete?
It would have to be the roof gap fufanu to fakie, to roof drop from my X Games Real BMX video part in 2017. It took going for multiple hours, two different days, multiple flat tires, and a new brake cable to pull that…