The California-based aftermarket mountain bike and BMX component company BOX, issued an immediate recall earlier today after certain customers were having issues with specific models of their carbon-fiber BMX forks. In a statement released by the company earlier today they 

Here is an excerpt from the official statement that was released earlier today, “Since our inception in 2011, Box Components has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality bicycle components. Providing racers and riders with the best and safest products on the market has always been our number one goal. As a result of this and in cooperation with the CPSC, Box Components is offering a voluntary replacement of some of our older BOX carbon fiber BMX forks.”

Representatives from BOX stated that customers using certain older models of the fork have experienced the steer tube coming loose when facing resistance on the front wheel of the bicycle. It was also said that this was a direct result from a manufacturing defect. Although there have been no injuries reported as a direct result from the failure of the fork, BOX has said that this flaw could pose a potential fall hazard.

BOX finished their statement with this, “Box Components is aware this is inconvenient for our customers, and we appreciate your assistance in helping us replace potentially defective forks from the market.”

The fork models involved are:

  • XE 20 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK13A2010)
  • XE 24 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK13A2410)
  • XL 20 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK15A2010)
  • XL 24 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK15A2410)
  • XS 20 inch 10mm Dropout Fork (model number BX-FK14A2010)

Serial numbers of effected forks are 140508, 140606 or 140702. You can find your corrosponding serial number laser etched on the steer tube. The “XE”, “XS” and “XL” Logos are located on the crown of the fork. Box sold the forks from January 2015 until July 2015.

These forks were also sold as part of complete 2016 production bikes  from Haro (Team CF Mini, Team CF Junior, Team CF Expert), Redline (Flight Mini, Flight Junior, Flight Expert, Flight Expert XL) and DK (Elite Junior, Elite Expert).

The BOX design team has since rectified this issue through a change that will prevent the new steerer tubes from turning in any fashion. BOX has also said that all qualifying fork claims will be immediately replaced with a current production fork so you can be assured this issue will not happen again.


For more info on this recall, log on to: or email [email protected]