Anyone who knows Mike Hinkens can attest to the fact that he can be a man of many words, and not surprisingly, he’s quite fond of writing, as well. With Mike’s deep BMX history comes countless stories and memories, some of which he used as inspiration for the collection of 17 of his short stories in a new book All But Invincible. Click the photo below to pick up a copy and if you’re interested in “A forum for the analytical discussion of BMX culture & politics.” Then hit up Mike’s site for some heavy reading.

“It took a year, but I finally have 17 absurd stories spelled out and printed up in an actual book. I worked with Russell Wadlin on art and layout and with a few friends on editing the text and the end result is a 240 page work that I hope has people laughing, gasping, smiling, shaking their head, and reminiscing about growing up riding BMX.” —Mike Hinkens