2017 saw a lot of progressive bike riding and it seems like now more than ever, the notion of what is possible on a BMX is getting pushed further and further. Both the technical and gnarly aspects of tricks are getting completely ridiculous and this year saw a ton of innovation. Here is our list (in no particular order) of what we found to be the most progressive tricks done in the past year (2017).

Demarcus Paul’s rail manual to barspin – Deemo’s X-Games “Real BMX” section was amazing, but this clip really stuck out to me since you don’t really see dudes actually start from the top and sit in the rail manual position while balancing it out like this, let alone barspin out!

Yumi Tsukuda’s 180 peg chink to fakie tooth – Yumi Tsukuda is your favorite riders favorite rider. This clip came out at the start of the year to cap off Yumi’s amazing “Welcome to Merritt BMX” edit and it definitely set the tone for the year. People were just catching on to Yumi’s eclectic style of bonks, chings, and unorthodox boost techniques, then he sent one into a fakie tooth grind on one hell of an intimidating setup.. From Brandon Begin to Devon Smillie, everyone is getting down with the peg-side ching and I have a strong feeling we have Yumi to thank for that.

Johnny Raekes’ bar to ice to crankflip – Not that this trick hasn’t been done before, but look at that rail! Big, steep, fast, and without much time at the bottom as the angle of the rail shoots you straight into the ground. Not a problem for Animal’s kickflip savant Johnny Raekes though. The trick in, trick out level of riding is getting intense and Johnny is at the forefront. Peep the full Animal “Johnny Raekes – NO SLEEP OUT EAST” video here.

Pat Casey’s Fakie Cash Roll – I’m not too sure what to say about this one other than the fact that it’s obviously completely bananas. Pat holds the crown when it comes to fakie air-out moves on quarter pipes, so I really don’t see anyone touching this one for a long time. 34 BRUTAL attempts left Pat bloodied but not defeat, but sometimes this is what it takes to achieve great feats. Watch the original Monster Dreamyard 3 vid here, and the Battleclip video here.

Julian Arteaga’s fakie nollie switch fullcab – People are just scratching the surface of the fakie nollie fullcab, then Julian went ahead and did the damn thing the opposite way. Props to Julian on this move and on the whole section that he dropped for Common Crew this year.

Simone Barraco’s 180 bar to nose-slide & snaggle-tooth to pop-out – Simone is one of the most creative and progressive riders in the game. He was the first dude I ever saw front-tire slide down a rail, then he did a damn 180 bar into it! Then there’s the snaggle-tooth to pop out. Two NBD’s in a video produced by DIG BMX and Peter Adam that’s packed with even more NBD’s! Simone is seriously the best.

Justin Dowell’s 360 Twix – Highflying ramp riding is always in a state of progression, but I feel like it’s usually along the lines of an extra barspin, extra spin, whip, or flip… Yet this 360 twix maneuver came completely out of left field and just seems super unique.

Jordan Godwin’s Pegs to Hard-180 – I’d like to say that this is the biggest pegs to hard-180 ever done. Again while the trick has been around forever, hard 180’s used to be a tech move reserved for ledges and the most ideal of rails. Fast-forward to 2017 and people like Jordan are practically sending them off of two-story buildings! So damn savage. This clip was originally featured in the “WTP in Vancouver” video that we produced this summer.

Dan Kruk’s fakie pegs, cab pegs, to hard-180 t-bog – What an insanely progressive combo, and definitely an NBD. People mess with the side-to-side grind combos a good bit on flat ledges, but taking it to a setup like this takes some serious skill, determination, and balls. The first part of the trick alone is incredible, but Dan handled that multiple times before getting to the end and pulling the hard-180 t-bog.  So damn risky and crazy. Watch Dan’s Pro Part again here.

Alex Donnachie’s 360 to nose manual to 360 – While the nose manual to 360 is becoming more common place in 2017, this is the first time I’d ever really seen a 360 into a nose-manual. Alex did it without the assistance of a lip, and of coarse he had to 360 out for good measure. This clip was originally featured in Alex’s Monster Energy “Ascent” web edit.

Nathan Williams’ Etnies Chapters ender – This one goes along the same lines as Jordan Godwin’s pegs to hard 180. Etnies Chapters isn’t online yet so we couldn’t feature the clip, but if you know then you know. Photo by Kevin Conners Purchase/rent Etnies Chapters right here.

Nathan Williams’ nollie to nose manual and tooth hard-180 backlashNathan’s X-Games Real BMX section was a heavy dose of progressive riding, but these two clips stuck out to me as uber progressive and a level above what others are doing right now. Nollieing to rails is crazy and relatively new to BMX, now just imagine doing a nollie into a nose manual on a damn down-rail!! Nathan also grinds a healthy amount of a certain Los Angeles hubba  before twisting a hard-180 out and then sticking a backlash off the curb! Nathan is on a level of his own.

Alec Siemon’s nose manual to 180-downwhip – This shit was so damn crazy and completely unexpected, although we should have seen this coming. Alec is probably the most skilled nose manual to tail whip dude on the planet. His nickname is nose-to-whip for gods sake. Alec is a powerhouse and held down the ender section in Sunday’s winning segment from the “Odyssey vs Sunday” video competition.