Yakuza crew – 100KA Street Jam

Yakuza is a new brand out of the Czech republic spear-headed by the dudes at 34R…products and a legit site are coming soon, but for now we get a couple of their young riders shredding at jam (ice-to-manual game strong) in Bratislava.

“Yakuza BMX riders Jakub Juza and Vita Kacha took a bus to 100KA BMX Street Jam in Bratislava, filmed some clips and enjoyed the great atmosphere of the jam Shout out to 100KA BMX for making such a good session!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for another videos of yakuza bmx crew.

Filmed by Andrej Ištok – YOUNGPROD
Music: A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Nast & Method Man – Trillmatic
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