Word Four Bonus

Here is the bonus section from the Word video. Even though its leftovers there still some good stuff in here especially from Rob DiQuattro...

“Leftovers, second angles, and miscellaneous stale daddies that we didn’t use in the fourth video.

Patnas: Anthony Caraway, Sped, Dom Wilkerson, Street Dave, Fathead, Thommy Gunn, Bunao, Jim Bossmeyer, Shaun Pleasant, Heath Owens, Bub Finney, Mark Hobbs, Jacob Hinton, Kid, Phil Bossmeyer, Birdman, Brooks Shuping, Codiddy, Joedob, Kyle Murway, Kyle Mullen, Neil Khalil, Rob DiQuattro, Shane Scott, Jordan Stump, and Wayne Russell.”