Woodward West Shootout Voting Now Live!

Here’s the deal: Woodward got Colony, Demolition, Haro, SE, DK, and Redline to come to Woodward West to come hang out with the campers, have a blast, and shoot a video section. Now, you hit up the Woodward West website, view each of the videos, and vote on your favorite. Get to the website to see all six videos, and vote on your favorite today!

All 6 of the Woodward West BMX ShootOut videos have been submitted and uploaded to the Woodward West YouTube. Online, public voting has begun and will go until Nov. 22nd.

The 6 BMX teams are: Colony, Demolition, Haro, SE Bikes, DK, and Redline. Make sure to cast your vote and be part of the first BMX ShootOut!

Videos are hosted on Woodward West’s YouTube account. 

The winner and finishing order will be determined by the public by 50% online voting and 50% by our expert panel of judges.

Prize purse of $10,500 to be distributed to the top 5 submitted videos:

1) $4,000
2) $3,000
3) $2,000
4) $1,000
5) $500

Best of luck to all the teams involved!