Wethepeople Spring Session 2014

I can’t read German, but I assume this is some sort of event that Wethepeople put on at a trade show. Featuring the best riders Germany has to offer, the level of technical riding in this absolutely insane. More than a few WTFs, but the backwards crook-to-180 nose manual 180…



“1. Daniel Tünte 
2. Felix Prangenberg 
3. Adrian Warnken 
4. Moritz Nußbaumer 
5. Felix Kirch 
6. Tom Schorb-Mergenthaler 
7. Pierre Hinze 
8. Janek Wentzky 
9. Leon Hoppe 
10. Michael Meisel 
11. Marcel Profittlich 
12. Dima Prykhodko 
13. Sebastian Anton 
14. Daniel Portorreal 
15. Kenneth Posern 
16. Christian Heger 
Read more at http://mpora.de/videos/AAdqbqfbd3r0#Z7HHlpQw2fFxwssP.99