Weird & Revered At Home With Justin Schwanke

Justin Schwanke took to his dilapidated backyard ramps and produced this self filmed video of interesting lines and tricks. If you are tired of seeing the same riding then this video certainly is the one you need to watch. Justin was being cheered on by his bird brethren the whole time and it shows in the riding.

“I filmed this video in my backyard throughout the summer and fall of 2016. Every session involved one camera, a tripod, an archaic MP3 player, headphones, and my ever-expanding list of trick ideas (most of which don't actually work out). My usual audience is the assortment of birds and gophers who take up residence in the backyard. On occasion though, my neighbours may watch from afar in confusion. I can only imagine what they think when they hear grunts of frustration as I ride alone in the same line for hours on end.” – Justin Schwanke

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