Vullhabnx – Summer Mixtape 2013

The Vullhabnx crew put together this 20 minute mixtape of their riding and travels from this past summer. This mix has a great vibe to it and its nice to sit back, relax and watch a video that has a full length type feel to it. Nice work guys…

Niklas Beyer and Lukas Häusler decided to film for this mixtape in the beginning of 2013. Said and done!
We travelled a lot, made new friends, found new spots and had such a good time!
In the end we were able to create this 20min mixtape with two insane mixparts in it. Have fun watching and thanks again to everyone involved!

Riders: Lukas Häusler, Niklas Beyer, Robin Heiderich, Timm Wiegmann, Björn Elvering, Jan Beckmann, Kim Moreno, Dima Prykhodko, Dennis Kicza, Hannes Gutzeit, Christian Heger, Christoph Nöckel, Steffen Lehmann, Oliver Michel, Ben Makrane, Fabian Bongers, Martin Ohliger, Markus Wilke, Timo Birn, Gerrit Rehmann, Marius Mallmann, Sergej Prograshevsky, Nicolai Gvero.

“Filmed by: Niklas Beyer, Robin Heiderich, Lukas Häusler, Björn Elvering, Steffen Lehmann, Kay Beutling, Timm Wiegmann, Oliver Michel.

Edited by: Lukas Häusler.

Cities we visited: Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Paris, Austin, New York.

Cameras used: Canon 5D MKII, Canon 7D, Canon 600D, GoPro Hero2, Panasonic HMC 151.

Music used:
Intro: Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws
Robin: Nas – Classic
Mix01: The Temptations – My Girl
Niklas: Jay-Z – Heart of the City
Mix02: WuTang X The Beatles – Run
Lukas: The Builders and the Butchers – Black Dresses
Outro: Dead Man’s Bones – My Body’s a Zombie for You