Volume / Demolition – Welcome To The Team Erik Orgo

This may be an indoor park edit, but one, that park looks awesome, and two, Erik Orgo goes in for this dark and moody welcome edit…

We’ve taken two trips to Monsterparks in the last 2 months to get this project done. we’ve spent a few nights shooting at the skatepark and it was worth it. Erik Orgo is a new International Team rider for Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts throughOnWheels.ee distro.

In my opinion he is the most versatile rider who is coming from such a small country. he rides street, park, dirt… heck he can do it all and at a very high level. we haven’t filmed together for quite a long time for a web edit. this was a great way to catch up and create something that we both would like.

Hope that you will enjoy the work that Erik and myself have put into it.

Special thanks to Gusts Osmucnieks and Monsterparks for letting us shoot there when everybody else were sleeping.”